Lately, every dairy product on the market seems to be a low-fat or low-calorie option. Yet with all that less fat and calories, more and more chemicals keep getting thrown into yoghurts. Noosa, however, is different. They focus on having the best quality with the best possible ingredients. Each yoghurt is made from the best stuff on Earth (thanks for the slogan, Snapple).

Each yoghurt starts with milk that is sourced less than an hour's drive from Noosa's headquarters in northern Colorado. The farmers treat their cows well, giving them only the best food, and providing the best possible environment for them to thrive in.

Add in some local honey, tons of fresh fruits, a bit of magic and science, and you've got yourself some great yoghurt. Following the trend of many yoghurt companies, Noosa added a line of mix-in yoghurts. But of course, Noosa's stands out from the typical grocery store brands.

Noosa Mates

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Marisa Palace

Hitting the shelves this past month, Noosa added a new collection of products featuring quality toppings to add to their velvety yoghurt. It features mix-ins not typical in other brands. You don't find candied ginger on many shelves in the dairy isle.

I contacted Noosa about the new line of products and they were so excited about their new product, that with no hesitation, they sent over all of the available Noosa Mates flavors straight to my door. After much deliberation between family and friends, and of course many empty yoghurt containers, we finally agreed on our "official" ranking of Noosa Mates.

5. Honey Pretzel Peanut

The combination of sweet and salty definitely work with this flavor. As a peanut butter fanatic, I only wished for more peanuts in every bite. The pretzels also got a bit soggy after awhile, so be sure to eat it quick (which shouldn't be too hard).

4. Maple Ginger

I was super excited to see how this flavor was going to work out. Not gonna lie, I was let down. Immediately I noticed the texture of the yoghurt was way thinner than all of the other flavors. Coming from someone who regularly eats Greek yogurt, this was a bit too thin for me. The maple flavor was nothing spectacular, and the mix-ins were interesting. The gingersnap streusel was fantastic, but the candied ginger was overwhelming.

3. Honey Cranberry Almond

While a fairly simple flavor, it was packed with tons of flavor. The granola mix-in, with oats and seeds, distributed perfectly into every bite, giving the honey yoghurt an extra boost of flavor. The dried cranberries added the perfect sweetness. 

2. Banana Chocolate Peanut

This was a big flavor for Noosa. It was their first foray into the world of banana yoghurt. Using only real bananas to flavor it, the banana flavor was prominent and perfectly executed. It also featured my favorite of all the mix-ins, the roasted banana chips. They added not only a great crunch, but another layer of banana flavor.

1. Coconut Almond Chocolate

I love coconut. I love chocolate. I love yoghurt. This flavor incorporates the most spectacular flavors into the world's best food. The coconut yoghurt was full of shredded coconut, which added to the already great texture of the crunchy almonds and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. It wasn't too sweet, and I'd say they nailed this flavor. 

No matter which flavor you pick, you won't be disappointed with these affordable, tasty yoghurts. I recommend sampling them all so you can find your true yoghurt soul "mate."