Restaurants in Manhattan, Kansas have been known to be foodie destinations. Just walk up and down the streets of Aggieville and Downtown Manhattan. You will see restaurants special to the Manhattan community like the beloved Taco Lucha, So Long Saloon, Harry’s and Bourbon and Baker. If you ask any of the locals, you will probably be told to go to one of these places. That could soon be changing. There are a few fun, new restaurants that you need to know about coming to MHK.  

1. AeroJuice

sweet, chocolate, ice, cream
Photo courtesy of Aero Juice

If you followed our guide on to how to eat like you're at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, then you will know where Hazel Hill Chocolate used to be. Most students will be excited to know that we have a new smoothie joint coming to town! Aerojuice was established in Florida in 2014 and, fun fact, this location will be the only store outside of Florida. They have smoothies, juices, coffee, açaí bowls, salads, sandwiches and wraps. Sounds like you will be finding me here a lot. 

2. Cowboy Chicken

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Photo courtesy of Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy chicken serves wood-fired, hand-carved rotisserie chicken. Most of their locations are currently in the South, where they started in Dallas, Texas, but they are expanding quickly with new locations popping up in Nebraska, California, South Dakota and more! I can't wait to get my hands on one of those juicy sandwiches. This new location will be located in Southwind Place over by Panera

3. Wine Dive and Kitchen

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Jaime Wilson

Wine-loving brothers Brad and Brent Steven are here to quench your wine cravings. They will be opening up the Wine Dive and Kitchen downtown where 4 Olives was. They own another successful Wine Dive in Wichita. They plan to change things a bit like adding a patio and adding the word “Kitchen” to their name so guests know that they do serve food. Wine Dive and Kitchen is set to open in September.

4. Hi Lo

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Photo courtesy of Megan Hartford

You are out in Aggieville and you have the sudden craving for AJ's Pizza and a cold beer. The perfect solution is here: Hi Lo is already in the 'Ville and open for business, serving up hot pizza until 3AM Thursday through Friday. Hi Lo will eventually be open all week. Another yummy pizza place we get to add to the list of restaurants in Manhattan.

All these new restaurants coming to Manhattan makes some  pretty exciting news. It also might mean free food when these locations open, right? That's all I care about. New businesses, welcome to Manhattan!