Let's be honest, college students love food. But, unfortunately, on a student budget, there is only so much we can spend on good food and, let's face it, there is only so much Top Ramen that a gal can eat during the week (don't even get me started on dining hall food). Luckily, there is a great restaurant, The Flame Broiler, just down the road from USC campus that is a nice way to get you out of your food rut, without breaking the bank. 

The Flame Broiler on Figueroa is known for its quick-and-easy, simple fast food. But, this isn't your run-of-the-mill fast food place — its focus is serving healthy food at an affordable price point. And, this place delivers. Nope, no greasy burgers here. 

The Flame Broiler definitely surprised me. When I first arrived at  the restaurant, it appeared to be a little "rough around the edges," but, inside, I was met with wonderful people and delicious smells. I couldn't wait to order. The Flame Broiler's specialty is different types of bowls: white or brown rice, choice of protein (tofu, chicken or beef), and various vegetables and sauces of your choosing. Think something similar to a Teriyaki bowl or something from Panda Express, except better. 

I had the tofu bowl with brown rice broccoli and carrots. Not only did the bowl look appetizing, but it was very flavorful as well and a great vegetarian option. Let me tell you, it was delicious and under $10. I call that a total win. 

See, doesn't look delicious? 

So close to USC campus, delicious and affordable? How did I not know about this place before now?! I can't wait to try something else, I hear the chicken bowl is pretty darn good too. No more ramen for me.