On nights when you have fifteen minutes to devour dining hall food or Thursdays when you miss chicken tenders, these feeds will help you pretend you ate something beautiful and delicious.

When my roommate first showed me Anna’s dedicated food Instagram I was instantly jealous of all her food experiences and also wanted to become her best friend so she would take me with her. Many of her posts are from New Haven and other Connecticut locales around Anna’s home state. The rest of her posts will take you from New York City to Charleston then halfway around Europe and back to our beloved Elm City.

Pecora goat cheese, fresh ricotta, pistachio, truffle honey, caramelized red onion #foodyhadmelike

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When you need a pick me up you head to Blue State, but when you can’t make it there and you’re stuck with dining hall coffee Blue State’s Instagram can help you pretend what you’re sipping tastes and looks a little better. Filled with latte art, snack shots and coffee themed sayings this feed makes even a non-coffee drinker like me want a sip.

Beautiful tulip poured by Pat in New Haven! A photo posted by Blue State Coffee (@bluestatecoffee) on

Is there somewhere you’ve heard of but can’t decide if it’s worth the trek/money/putting on of real clothes? Chances are the ladies of Chew Haven have tried it, and you can get a glimpse of what plenty of New Haven restaurants have to offer on their Instagram. Their classic top down, side view and in the air shots will make you put on your big girl/boy pants and try somewhere new.

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Direct quote from my sometimes vegan/always vegetarian best friend: “tbh there was a time I stopped following you on insta because you made me hungry.” My posts are rarely vegetarian friendly so that seems like incredibly high praise. Although I post more than food and more than New Haven, being at Yale six plus months a year leads to lots of cooking and eating around town and I try to share as much of it as I can.

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Caseus is my favorite restaurant in New Haven but I don’t think I’ve ever ordered something off of their regular menu. Why would I when their specials are so amazing? And guess where you can see the specials every day, on Caseus’s Instagram page! When I’m not chasing down The Cheese Truck I’m scrolling through this feed, playing the most intense game of would you rather to decide which of the daily specials I would order if someone invited me there that day.

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Last, but definitely not least, if you haven’t started following Spoon University Yale’s Instagram you are so missing out! Anna, whose own feed is first on this list, has been curating our feed with tons of New Haven treats. Tag #spoonfeedyale and you too could be featured on our page!

Pasta Flyer! Pesto, meatballs, ricotta, chickpeas and breadcrumbs. @ysfp #spoonfeed #glutenfree A photo posted by Spoon University Yale (@spoonuniversity_yale) on