Whether you’ve been planning your Mother’s Day celebration for weeks or if you just realized Mother’s Day is around the corner, we’ve got you covered. Near the Prudential Center and Copley Square in the South End, the Petit Robert Bistro is hands-down one of the best brunch places in Boston. Where else can you get a ham and cheese crepe so good that you are on the brink of crying? That was me.


Photo by Christina Chu

Their brunch menu is already so on point, but with the special occasion of celebrating your favorite parent (shhhh don’t tell my dad), the Petit Robert Bistro takes the extra step further. If their regular specials menu is even half as good as their specials for Easter, you will not be disappointed.

That faithful weekend introduced me to so many culinary wonders. Putting a spin on the classic eggs Benedict, Chef Stefano Quaresima substitutes the normal bacon or ham with lamb bacon. Lamb bacon.

This bacon was like no other bacon I’ve ever had before. Granted the gaminess of lamb may be off-putting to some, the flavor of the lamb bacon gave the dish a whole new flavor. Mixed with liquid egginess of the yolk, each bite was a new experience.


Photo by Christina Chu

But let’s talk about what was truly an enlightening experience. A ham and cheese crepe doesn’t sound especially fancy or sophisticated and most brunch places do serve them, but there was some orgasmic quality to the one at the Petit Robert Bistro. Honestly, I think if I tried it again, it would be just as good as I remember it now (as I drool).


Photo by Christina Chu

If you don’t have anywhere to take your mother for Mother’s Day or if you’re just looking for a new brunch place with amazing food, check out the Petit Robert Bistro. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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