New and Trendy Australian Café

tea, beer, coffee
Brittney Jensen
beer, wine, tea, coffee
Brittney Jensen


Sydney, which is a new and trendy Australian café, just recently opened up in Providence, Rhode Island. This café was seriously needed in a college city, where the average college students live on quick or cheap meals. Sydney offers everything from coffee and tea, to house-made baked pastries, and breakfast, with reasonable prices. Which definitely makes it a great place for college students. Also, the quality of the food never disappoints. Even the food that is pre-made - the employees are always willing to warm it up for you and serve it on a plate, rather than having you eating out of a plastic container. The atmosphere is super inviting, which matches the decor. The decor includes a long, wooden family-style table to ensure that strangers end up not feeling like strangers sitting near one another. The service is always  enjoyable, with employees who actually enjoy their job and make your experience as pleasurable as they can. 

tea, cake, wine, coffee, pizza, beer
Brittney Jensen

My first experience here has led me to many others. First, I had the deconstructed smoked salmon platter, which was amazing....and that's coming from a Jewish girl who grew up on a bagel, lox, and cream cheese. Every time I go, I try to get something new. Although, I always end up with the avocado toast. Yes, I said avocado toast, which could be a meal in itself since it is so filling. This new and trendy Australian café has a diverse menu which never makes you feel like are eating the same thing, part of what makes Sydney so unique. 

guacamole, avocado
Brittney Jensen

Pictured- Avocado Toast

cream, chocolate
Brittney Jensen

Pictured- Affogato

french onion soup, soup, espresso, coffee
Brittney Jensen

Pictured- House-Made Tomato Soup

The most important part of making or breaking a new café  is of course the food. This place for sure has your tastebuds covered. Sydney is my go-to for a delicious and cheap breakfast or lunch. My recommendation is to get the avocado toast with a poached egg on top, along with the affogato drink. Sydney, the new and trendy Australian café is now considered the best café in Providence, to me.