I’m not the biggest fan of donuts (I know). But while watching a series of 10,000 calories challenge on Youtube, 2 AM on a Monday night, I admit, I was craving these fat sugared cream covered bread. To simmer down my late night donut cravings, I was in immediate demand and determined to try out various flavors. This strong thirst for something sweet introduced me to two local donut shops of Atlanta: Revolution Donuts and Sublime Doughnuts. 

Revolution Donuts

After an entire semester as a student here, I finally decided to get the campus experience of buying food at the farmer's market held every Tuesdays on Cox Bridge. Revolution Donuts was the solution to my cravings as well as a step towards being a real "Emorian" and experiencing the Farmer's Market! Here's a review of some of the flavors I got to try out. 

Chocolate Donut (Revolution Donuts)

Hailey Ahn

There were two choices for chocolate flavored donuts. The chocolate donut and the chocolate cake. The frosting seemed to be the same but the chocolate cake was a bit smaller and the bread was more dense. Maybe because I arrived towards the closing time but the dough was not as soft as I had hoped. 


The frosting was delicious. I'm not sure if it tasted a bit healthier than other donuts maybe because I bought it off at the farmer's market, but the level of sweetness was perfect in my mouth. The delicate mushy texture was especially amplified when I put a portion of it inside the microwave for five seconds and the warm sugar melted down to the bottom of the donut.

Caramel Bacon Donut (Revolution Donuts 

Hailey Ahn

Caramel bacon is definitely a debatable taste. Either you really like it or you don't. Some people would say it's the perfect mixture of sweet and salty (It really was). But the sweet and saltiness were pretty strong for me. The dough did the job of lessening this distinct taste lingering around in my mouth for a long time

Sublime Doughnuts

Sublime Doughnuts are a Georgian favorite. The second I ordered the donuts and brought it into the library, four people stopped me and asked if they could buy one. But they were NOT for sale. And here are my reviews for the ones I got to try. 

Oreo Donuts (Sublime Doughnuts)

Hailey Ahn

Oreo flavored anything is the solution to my happiness. No more words needed: this was ultimately my favorite. Oreos WILL make everything better. 

The white frosting holding the cookie crumbs on top were the taste of the cream inside the Oreos. I would say that the dough was sweeter and softer than Revolution Donuts. 

White Chocolate Peach Fritter (Sublime Doughnuts)

Hailey Ahn

If you want the precise combination of a glazed donut with a fruity flavor, these fritter donuts are exactly what you should look out for. It's truly the best feeling when you taste the chopped sugarcoated peaches totally unexpectedly, after the bite into the delicate crust. 

For something similar, they also have the Chocolate Banana Fritter and Caramel Apple Fritter on the menu!

S'mores Donuts (Sublime Doughnuts)

As a person who loves s'mores, this donut was a bit disappointing. Don't get me wrong. It was still delicious. But the taste wasn't really similar to the s'mores that we regularly think of. Although it did have all the ingredients that make up for it, the marshmallow flavor was faint and it tasted more like graham crackers mixed with Nutella.

So that was a short review of the donuts I tried throughout the week. My late night donut cravings have been suppressed BUT I'm definitely excited to try visiting more shops and even more flavors