If the thought of driving to Little Tokyo at the end of the day mortifies you, you might be glad to know that there is a much more convenient option nearby. Ebaes, very mysterious storefront between Nature’s Brew and  Bacaro, may seem mysterious and foreboding on the outside, but the moment you step in, you realize that this is probably your natural environment, a restaurant geared towards college kids. From their choice of music (Harlem Shake?) to the push towards social media hashtags on the wall, the interior provides a lot different of a feel than the somewhat intimidating entrance.

Looking at the menu, you might see the Ebaes ramen and be concerned about it’s authenticity, given the involvement of coconut milk.  But surprisingly, it is somewhat reminiscent of the soup base for Laksa, albeit a little bare on the toppings provided. You might want to opt for the more traditional option of Tonkotsu, and you might wonder if this will live up to the standards set by those in Little Tokyo. It is pleasantly surprising and comforting to know that the Tonkotsu here is authentic, a hearty broth that is rich with umami and pork. The noodles served here are of the thicker curly kind, similar to that served at Daikokuya. You may not even be able to distinguish between a bowl of Tonkotsu ramen at Daikokuya and Ebaes, but “to be different”, Ebaes has decided to add red ginger and bean sprouts to their rendition of Tonkotsu Ramen, which it may be better without. Instead, Menma (cured bamboo shoot) might be a better option to put it more in line with traditional ramen. But then again, with such background music, who knows?



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The seared salmon roll might also not be a bad idea, although being offered both Ponzo and Soy Sauce may be a little confusing (Ponzu is probably better). There are a large variety of sushi rolls to help satiate your rolls cravings. There is even a combo named after the famed My Love From The Star, consisting of  fried chicken wings and beer, meaning you can re-enact your favorite love scene from that drama too, if that floats your boat.

Pro-tip: They have a happy hour every day from 3-7PM, serving $3 draft beers and $3.5 house sakes, along with a large selection of snack food to accompany your booze. Enjoy!


2314 S. Union Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90007
(213) 747-6888