Nashville has it all: hot chicken, Jeni’s ice cream, and…burgers? Oh most definitely. Ask for a Vandy student’s favorite Nashville restaurant, and I guarantee Burger Up, The Pharmacy, or Burger Republic will make the cut. With everyone already raving about these joints, how could any other place compare?

Enter Flip Burger, an innovative concept from Top Chef winner Richard Blais. It opened up just a few weeks ago and I decided to see if it was as good as the rest.

Well, it was definitely busy. It seemed like all of Nashville had come to check this place out. The restaurant was unique with a stark red & white color scheme, ultra-modern furniture, and an upbeat alternative soundtrack. After a 90 minute wait (eek), we were finally seated.

This place “flips” what you know about burgers on its head. You can order a regular classic cheeseburger (well, it has organic beef and pickled onions so it’s not that classic), but why not try something different? Like the Fauxlafel with a chickpea patty, pickled beets and tzatziki, or the Raw Tuna Tartare with wasabi mayo and avocado puree?


Photo by Danielle Chandler

After much deliberation, I finally decided on the Fauxlafel. And it was fauxlawesome. Its buttery brioche bun and tangy, creamy sauce made me glad I picked this unique option. But wait! The sides and milkshakes really make this place perfect.

The sweet potato tater tots with marshmallow foam (MARSHMALLOW FOAM!) were insanely good. Does it get any better than a seemingly endless bowl of hot, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth nuggets of sweet potato?


Photo by Gabrielle Levitt

As I took a sip of my thick Nutella milkshake, I realized that it actually does get better. Imagine a shot of liquid Nutella with extra dark chocolate, rich whipped cream and toasted marshmallows (apparently Flip has a thing for marshmallows?). Oh, and the milkshakes are frozen with liquid nitrogen…definitely not your basic milkshake.


Photo by Danielle Chandler

This place isn’t your typical burger place, but it is still a rightful Nashville destination. My friends despised the long wait, but enjoyed the food; even our vegan friend (bun-less veggie burger), meat lover (The Southern, add a fried egg) and picky eater (lovin’ those fries with smoked mayo) found options they enjoyed. If you’re looking for something new (hello liquid nitrogen, beer mustard and Pop Rock pork belly pops), this is where you should go.

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