Move over margaritas—there's a cooler way to do alcohol on ice (pun intended). Say hello to Narwhals Crafted Urban Ice, where an alcoholic slushy is pretty much the only thing on the menu because it's the only thing you need.

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Sarah Schuette

Now, you may have already been introduced to the alcoholic slushy realm with Tropical Liqueurs (or maybe you're crafty enough to attempt making a few yourself), but not only is that all the way down in Soulard, it's also got nothing on the atmosphere at Narwhals.

What to love

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Sarah Schuette

Located just across the street from SLU's campus on Laclede and Vandeventer, the bar stays true to its name with tastefully placed nautical accents of ropes, untreated wood, wavy blue lights, and naturally, a few well-placed narwhals.

Other nifty elements include the plethora of groovy seating options—including a snazzy, intimate patio outside—and the well-tended mini herb garden where ingredients and delectable garnishes are plucked from. 

Needless to say, the place is like Instagram-backdrop heaven, so if you're one of the many kiddos looking to up your food Insta game, go crazy. If your alcoholic slushy is your subject, make sure you act fast so you can drink that shit before it melts. #priorities

What to drink

Sarah Schuette

Speaking of that mystical alcoholic slushy, I can proudly say that I've tasted every dairy-free option, which is about half the menu, and got some friends to test the rest, and there wasn't a bad one in the bunch.

My favorites were the prickly pear margarita (I may be a bit biased because the sick color rivals even the prettiest pitaya bowl) and the Narchata, which tasted like frozen hot chocolate and cinnamon. So much yes.

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Sarah Schuette

The crowd favorite of the dairylicious offerings was the Flying Grasshopper—hands down. If thin mints were a dank drink, this would be it. Tryna be fancy? Like the rest of the dairy-inclusive selections, this guy is made with homemade five-ingredient ice cream to give an even fresher feel to its minty kick. Dayum.

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Sarah Schuette

What To Eat

Now, after sipping one too many of these bad boys (or maybe you just polished off a souvenir 40 oz. fishbowl by yourself, because yes, that's a thing), you might be craving some drunchies. 

Though the bar itself doesn't currently serve food, it does encourage carry-in, and offers a funky pickle-shaped phone (yup, you read that right) to dial their other killer establishment, Picklemans, for that oh-so-special delivery of pizza and sandwiches.

Also, if you do happen to suffer one too many brain freezes but aren't ready to bounce, there is a small selection of craft beers to keep your buzz going.

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Sarah Schuette

So what are you waiting for? Do your inner child a favor and sip on the best alcoholic slushies in town. And if you try them all, don't worry; I hear the holidays bring out the best in slushies.