Nantucket is a small island off of Cape Cod where many go to spend their summers. Not only is Nantucket a fab summer spot, the food is off the charts. Whether you're looking for a quick bite after a long day of surfing or a sandwich pick-me-up before you hit the beach, you've come to the right place.  

So, here are the best 16 restaurants you'll find on the cobblestone streets and the best reasons to go to em'. Visit Nantucket, not for the waves but for the chow (or both).

1. Juice Bar

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Tatum Kelly

Here's where you go when your sweet tooth isn't completely satisfied after a day in the sun. The line will be down the street and around the block, but the smell of freshly baked waffle cones will have you waiting as long as it can possibly take.

2. Brant Point Grill

Brant Point Grill is considered upscale Nantucket dining to say the least. Located at the White Elephant, also known as the most extravagant hotel on the island, you'll have the best view of the harbor that Nantucket offers. This spot is perfect for a family dinner after a long day at the beach or even a birthday celebration. The Grill is famous for its steaks and seafood, and I'm sure you'll find yourself wanting to come back the next day.

3. Millie's 

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Tatum Kelly

Millie's is a Mexican restaurant that is perfect for take out, yet they also have a beautiful sit down restaurant out in Madaket. The drive will show you the most beautiful parts of the island, including beaches and sunsets on grassy fields. Not satisfied? They even have a little ice cream shop downstairs — SCORE.

4. The Nautilus

The Nautilus is on the fancier side, so shower up and throw on a dress. This menu is one of the more interesting menus I've set my eyes on in Nantucket. From oyster tacos to scallion pancakes, everyone will find something they'll like at this one.

5. Downyflake Donuts

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Tatum Kelly

Downyflake has just about the best donuts you'll ever bite into. Chocolate, glazed, plain? They have it all. Bring your family and friends to sit down or take a few dozen back to the house — everyone will want more than one of these.

6. Cisco Brewers

While you may not be able to eat more than a platter of cheese and crackers here, it is essential that you make the trip out to Bartlett's Farm for this one. Home of the best Nantucket beer, you'll be able to tour around and taste test the best wine and beer all day. With a band playing and everyone ready to party, you'll fall in love with the island before you can even take a sip.

7. Something Natural

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Tatum Kelly

Something Natural is the best place to grab a bunch of sandwiches before heading to the beach for the day. They offer tons of healthy choices and, of course, a wide selection of Nantucket Nectars, otherwise known as the Snapples of the island. Oh, and don't forget to try out their fresh, homemade cookies!

8. The Galley

The Galley is where you head to propose to your future wife (yes, I did in fact witness a proposal here while enjoying a nice quinoa salad). The view is incredible, the dining seating is plopped right on the beach, and it is perfect for sunset viewing. This is considered to be the most elegant restaurant on the island. If you find it in you to throw on that jacket and tie, the lobster rolls will make it worth it.

9. Lola Burger

Tatum Kelly

Lola is perfect for take out, or a quick bite after a long day. You'll catch people in beach cover-ups or on dates. Hands down, they have the juiciest burgers and crunchiest fries on the island. 

#SpoonTip: Try their truffle fries, a personal favorite.

10. B-ACK Yard BBQ

B-ACK Yard BBQ is perfect for an early dinner or even lunch. Famous for its burgers and lobster rolls, you won't care what time it is when you take a bite of these bad boys.

11. The Brotherhood of Thieves

The Brotherhood is perfect for a nice but quick dinner. They have 10 beers on tap, including only the best: Cisco Brewers. They serve all the must-haves, such as juicy sliders and seafood. The Brotherhood also does party and event planning, so use this good food next time for an excuse party.

12. Cru

Home of the best seafood and also located right on the water, this is where you'll go when you need a good seafood fix. You'll be able to see the boats passing by while enjoying a nice cocktail — the only way any tourist knows how to kick off a good weekend.

13. Easy Street Cantina

With cute outdoor dining and picnic tables, you can roll up to Easy Street still in your bathing suit. This luncheon spot is perfect for a quick sandwich before a long day in town shopping or at the beach tanning.

14. Black Eyed Susan's 

french toast, toast
Tatum Kelly

While the wait is never less than 30 minutes, the pancakes will prove that the wait is definitely worth it. This cute little cafe is home of the best breakfast food you'll ever have. 

15. Station 21

Here's where to go when you're through will all the seafood and just want a nice Italian or American-style dinner. They've got it all, from pizza and pasta to steak and mashed potatoes. The long list of wines will keep you seated until midnight.

16. Oath Craft Pizza

Tatum Kelly

This pizza shop is right in town, with plenty of different pies to choose from. It's a perfect location to grab a slice right before hopping on your ferry home, and even better for grabbing one when you come back next year.

Considering most tourists stick around the island for around two weeks, this sixteen day guide is perfect for you! Test out a new restaurant each day, and you won't be disappointed.