Calling all cake-aholics! I've found your new favorite place, and trust me, you'll fall in love. Nadia's Cakes, a bakery which specializes in custom designed cakes, creates the most magical and scrumptious treats around. These cakes, or cupcakes, will be perfect for any event whether it be your next family get together or a night with the girls.

From what started as pure passion...

Abby Jimenez, mother of three, had made the bold decision to quit her full time job and start up her dream: a bakery, named after her middle child. Though Nadia's had begun in Los Angeles in 2009, the decision was made to expand the bakery to Minnesota in 2012. There are now two more locations, one in Woodbury, MN and one in Maple Grove, MN.

In 2012, Jimenez won over the judges taste with her Cheesecake Cupcake on the popular Food Network show, Cupcake Wars. Also hired onto staff is Erin Campbell, winner of the 2014 Holiday Baking Challenge and a top five finalist on Food Network Star—both Food Network series.

With great talent comes great taste.

Considering all of the raw talent that is consistently being put into Nadia's, of course only the most delicious flavors are created. With nearly 200 available flavors, including gluten, vegan, dairy, and nut-free, you'll definitely find a flavor or two you'll love.

If you tend to lean on the more traditional side of desserts, Nadia's offers an incredibly wide variety of classic flavors. "Chocolate Vanilla," "Fresh Strawberry," and "Vanilla Vanilla" are some of their most classic tastes. Although, perhaps you're looking to try something completely wild and new. No need to worry, Nadia's has you covered with "Dew-rito," "Puppy Chow," and "Honestly Sweet Potato Avocado Banana" cupcakes!

And looking towards the more adult-friendly cupcakes, Nadia's has the largest variety of boozy cupcakes I've seen, nearing almost twenty flavors. My favorites include "Rumchata," "Mojito," and "Tequila Sunrise," though they are all incredibly delicious.

But don't be fooled by these flavors... 

Nadia's Cakes tends to celebrate holidays in a unique way, creating the perfect cupcake to showcase. Their most popular include "Bomb Pop," for the Fourth of July, "Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins," for Christmas, and "Turkey Dinner," for Thanksgiving. And though the cupcakes for traditional holidays are wonderfully unique, the gals at Nadia's like to take one holiday, in particular, to the next level.

Though you'd never expect it, April Fools is no joke to these ladies. With nearly twenty flavors perfectly created for kicks and giggles, every one will be having a foolish day. "Ramen Noodles Cupcake," "Kitty Litter," and "Broken Glass" are a few of their options, though their most popular flavor, "Unicorn Poop," takes the cake when it comes to originality.

Though Nadia's Cakes may seem average and ordinary at first glance, take a step inside and you'll realize what it's all about. Before you know it, you'll find yourself craving their tastes and end up back inside time and time again!