Those of you who came to Spoon-JHU's first annual "Guac Off" may recognize Nacho Mama's by name, and may recall the delicious crab, corn, and bacon-topped guac that they served.

Jennifer Baik

We certainly couldn't get enough of their Baltimorean spin on guac, so we went down to Canton to get a taste of the restaurant's other offerings.

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Jennifer Baik

We spoke with Sean Fisher, chef and creator of Nacho Mama's signature dishes, who described the restaurant as "an anchor for the area with a lot of history in Baltimore." An accurate statement, considering that Nacho Mama's has stood as a beacon in Canton for over 22 years. The restaurant plays an intrinsic role in the Baltimore community, interacting with the Children's House at Johns Hopkins, Kennedy Krieger Institute, and the Canton community on a regular basis.

Jennifer Baik

With only 11 tables, seats fill quickly and the restaurant is always busy. Though you may have to wait for a table, Nacho Mama's stands out from other Baltimore-based restaurants by serving unique dishes with a distinct, Southwestern flair. 

#SpoonTip: Since the weekends tend to be busier, try going around mid-day to beat the crowd.

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Jennifer Baik

As its name implies, Nacho Mama's is truly the mother of all nachos. The nachos seem almost a mile high and are a perfect starting dish to share. From regular nachos covered in layers of oozing cheese, to vegetarian, crab, chicken, and beef varieties, it's a dish that can be catered to every craving.

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Jennifer Baik

The quesadillas are a whopping 10 inches in diameter, which is the size of a small pizza from Domino's. Having just as many (if not more) varieties as the nachos, these quesadillas are another great dish to order and share. 

Of course, the menu is not just limited to nachos and quesadillas. Nacho Mama's also serves fajitas, tacos, wings, salads, and more.

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Be sure to finish off your meal with some cookies and cream cheesecake. We were full from our meal but still managed to finish off this piece, it was that good.

Nacho Mama's is opening up a second location in Towson later this year. If you're hearing about this restaurant for the first time now, we are happy to pass along the good word.