The South Florida Fair, a.k.a. the "Greatest Carnival on the Planet," arguably has the most fun food on the planet It's the highlight of my year, every year. So, lucky reader, I've decided to take you on a food journey with me as I go through every single thing I ate at the fair this year and why I'm going to do the exact same thing again next year. Ready for a fair food tour? Spoiler: I don't think you are.

Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Poutine

Amanda Vargo

This highly unconventional poutine was the first thing I ate when I walked through those fair gates. Traditionally, poutine (a Canadian dish) is just french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. This adventure in a take-out container was oh so much more. Spicy, salty, and easy to eat on the go, I found this to be the perfect fair appetizer! I wasn't about to make the rookie mistake of getting full too early in the evening.

Donut Burger

Amanda Vargo

Arguably the most exciting food I mention in this article, my adventurer of a boyfriend couldn't wait to get his hands on this beautiful little abomination. Featured on Food Network's "Carnival Eats", this burger doesn't make you wait until after dinner to eat your dessert. You get both at once, whether you like it or not! Fortunately, he liked it (I wasn't brave enough to try it, but maybe next year).

It's the most controversial burger at the fair: boyfriend tested, boyfriend approved.

Steak Tips

Amanda Vargo

On our way into the historic and haunted Yesteryear Village (seriously, check it out on "Ghost Adventures"- the South Florida Fair is basically a TV star), we had to stop for more food, of course. These steak tips were surprisingly juicy and delicious. They felt like an uncharacteristically classy snack for the fair, and that made them particularly memorable!

Ribbon Fries

Amanda Vargo

An absolute fair staple, and one of the most fun forms a potato can take, I insisted on ordering a plate of these for myself. I couldn't even come close to finishing them and made the rest of my group dive in. Between the five of us, it was still a struggle - but a delicious one.

Funnel Cake

Amanda Vargo

The man. The myth. The legend. The funnel cake. What more is there to say? 10/10. A classic.

Are you a passionate funnel cake fan? Don't wait until the fair to enjoy one! Check out this article on how to make funnel cake fries on your own, any day of the year! 

Raspberry Tea

Amanda Vargo

Drink break! (Btw, $5 for free refills all day at any tea tent at the fair? Yes please!) There were about a million flavors to choose from, and we tried to pick a different one every time, but this raspberry tea was so good I think I got it twice...or three times, but who's counting?

Fried Cookie Dough

Amanda Vargo

Was this dessert overload? Absolutely. Could I even eat more than one? No way! Would I recommend this to everyone I know? You know I would. Plus, frying the cookie dough makes it totally safe to eat. This was a warm, gooey dream-come-true.

"The Aquaman"

Amanda Vargo

We finished off the night with this superhero-themed drink that managed to find the perfect balance between sweet and strong. In a later moment of brilliance, I walked to a nearby candy tent, bought a stick of blue rock candy, and made this drink even more extra. Toast to a fair well done!

For anyone wondering, I'm here to confirm that the South Florida Fair is an absolute food heaven. If you don't happen to be in south Florida in the middle of January, don't panic! Local fairs and carnivals are an amazing option, and there's always another one to be found year-round. But, if you're willing to wait a while and take a little road trip, the South Florida Fair will be waiting for you with open arms and deep-fried everything. On a stick.