Being a very picky eater, finding food in college has not been the easiest. I classify my eating habits as “simple Californian," relying on healthy foods like veggie omelets, grilled chicken and of course, California rolls. Contrary to the positive testimonials from the admission office, the food at SMU is simply sub-par. The dining halls are packed with numerous pizza options, a dessert bar, a cereal bar, undeniably sketchy frozen fish, and meats with various sauces. Pretty much the only thing I eat there are eggs, and eating eggs for one to two meals every day grows old. One day, I discovered Central Market, a mid-sized grocery store in Texas, and I fell in love.

1. Sushi

Hayley Reardon

The pre-made sushi section is top tier. They sell everything from cucumber rolls to ahi tuna sashimi. It's made fresh every day and is always delicious. You can even sample their chef's special of the day.

2. Bulk Section

beer, cheese
Hayley Reardon

I can stalk up on all of my favorite candies in one place. The dreaded choice of which candy to buy is gone, and you can concoct your own perfect candy creation right in a bag. 

3. Juice

beer, alcohol, liquor, wine, whisky
Hayley Reardon

There is nothing that lifts my spirits quite like a mid day kombucha. Thankfully, Central market carries every flavor and brand known to man kind. 

4. Bakery

bread, wheat, bun, pastry, flour
Hayley Reardon

The best part of the entire store might be the bread samples. I repeat, they have bread samples. Need I say more?  

5. Produce

Hayley Reardon

Their produce section is every Californian's dream with enough fresh-pressed juice and avocados to rid any ounce of homesickness. 

6. Flowers

Hayley Reardon

If I'm ever having a bad day, I treat myself to some flowers at Central Market. Nothing can quite perk me up like some bright sunflowers or daisies. 

Central Market saved by bank account too. Rather than going out to eat six times a week, I grocery shop every Sunday. I only spend about $30-50 each week, depending on how much I plan to eat out.

Thank you Central Market for all that you do —from saving my bank account to filling up my stomach and bringing me joy with all of your samples.