If you ask the Florida State student body what the best pizza place in town is, I guarantee you that 99 percent of them will say Momo’s.

It’s typically the place you get your first ever Tallahassee meal as a freshman, and the place you keep coming back to when you’re a senior. Voted “Best Pizza” for five years in a row, (and for good reason), Momo’s has been the go-to pizza joint in Tally since ‘99.

I’m a junior at Florida State, and I tried Momo’s for the first time last week. *Cue gasps and head shakes* Now I know what you’re thinking: what the hell is wrong with you?! You’ve been in this town for two years and JUST NOW you try Momo’s? I know, I know. I really have no answer for your pressing questions, but I finally got around to trying the famous pizza last week, and my only regret is not going to eat there sooner.

So I welcome you into my brain to uncover my thoughts as I entered every drunk, (and sober) college kids dream.

momo's pizza

Courtesy of Robert Wehrli

  1. Wow, it smells amazing in here.

  2. Like cheese… and grease.

  3. So this is what Momo’s looks like on the inside…

  4. I feel like I’m walking into a historical landmark.

  5. That’s the line. Ain’t nobody got time for this.

  6. Who am I kidding? I ain’t got sh*t to do.

    momo's pizza

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  7. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

  8. Maybe I should be looking at the menu so I don’t sound like an idiot when I’m ordering.

    momo's pizza

    Courtesy of Robert Wehrli

  9. That’s quite a hefty menu.

  10. So. Many. Toppings.

  11. Meatballs? Bacon? FRIED CHICKEN CHUNKS?

  12. This place is a dream come true.


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  13. Breathe. You can’t put three different meats on one pizza.

  14. Stop being fat.

  15. Mushrooms. I like mushrooms.

  16. Pepperoni? Duh.

  17. Holy hell. That’s what an extra large looks like?

  18. How do they even fit it through the door????

    momo's pizza

    Courtesy of Robert Wehrli

  19. I’m next. Hallelujah.

  20. “Hi, can I have one slice with pepperoni and mushroom?”

  21. Six bucks. Damn.

  22. You know what I could get with six bucks?

  23. Six snickers bars.

  24. Six margaritas at Cantina’s on Margarita Monday!


  26. This pizza better be good.

  27. Where to sit where to sit.

    momo's pizza

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  29. Okay there’s a corner booth all the way at the back.

  30. I’m such a loser sitting all by myself in the corner of a restaurant. No one look at me!

  31. Scroll through Instagram. Pretend I have someone to text.

    momo's pizza

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  32. Okay, enough. You hate people who are glued to their phones.

  33. Look around or something.

  34. Johnny Cash is flicking me off.

    momo's pizza

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  35. There are guitars hanging from the ceiling.

  36. I can dig it.

  37. Omgomgomgomg here comes my pizza.

  38. Try to not look so excited, Alex. Stay calm.

    momo's pizza

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  40. Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

  41. This is the biggest pizza I have ever seen in my whole twenty years of life.

  42. How do I even approach this?

    momo's pizza

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  43. Do I eat it with my hands? Is that even humanly possible?

  44. Fork and knife it is.

  45. Holy mother of god.

    momo's pizza

    Courtesy of Robert Wehrli

  46. This is just amazing.

  47. Who knew pizza could taste this good?

  48. So delicious.

  49. So greasy.

    momo's pizza

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  50. SO GOOD.

  51. I have no words.

  52. The cheese to sauce ratio is just on point.

  53. This should be a sin.

  54. I have to go to confession after this.

  55. And the gym. Definitely the gym.

    momo's pizza

    Courtesy of Robert Wehrli

  56. Okay enough of this fork and knife bullsh*t.

  57. Who was I kidding? I’m not proper.

  58. Eating with your hands just makes everything so much better.


    momo's pizza

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  60. I wonder if I can come here five times a week.

  61. My god this is so good.

  62. Thank you pizza gods.

  63. Oh man. So full.

  64. Must. Keep. Eating.

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  65. I’m not throwing any of this delicacy away.

  66. Not a single crumb.

  67. It’s okay little pizza I won’t throw you away.

  68. You’ll be safe in my belly.

  69. The crust is good toooooooo.

  70. I just finished like a pound of pizza in four minutes. Who have I become?

  71. Why must all good things come to an end?

    momo's pizza

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  72. I guess I should go home.

  73. I can come back tomorrow.

  74. I could come back everyday.

  75. Yea, that sounds like a good idea.

  76. Time for a nap!

    momo's pizza

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  77. Goodnight Momo’s.

  78. I will miss you.

  79. Thanks for changing my life. #Blessed.