When a new song gets released, I listen to it thoroughly. When I particularly like, even love, the specific song, I play it over and over again. This means that during every car ride, every workout, and every shower, this song is on repeat

So when I went to Dig Inn for the first time recently, the same thing happened. I was immediately impressed. So impressed that I told all my coworkers about it the next day, and then proceeded to get it that evening. And that was just one thing that happened after I ate at the restaurant. Here is the rest, and my experience walking into Dig Inn for the first time. 

The First Time

I had seen pictures of Dig Inn's bowls, and heard people talking about the place, but never had the time or energy to try it. When my aunt suggested we walk to the restaurant, I was all ready. I walked in and I immediately felt healthy. Not kidding. The small resturant smelled like a farm, but not the dirty cow manure, it smelled like the fresh vegetables. The clean and green store "vibes," almost gave a representation of the clean and green food.

The restaurant is to-go style ordering, where you get a bowl and travel down the line, picking what you want inside. Some options include starting with a bowl of brown rice, quinoa, or farm greens. You can then add any sides, hot or cold, and finally, protein. Being a vegetarian, I stay away from the meats and get extra sides of vegetables.

#SpoonTip: Pay extra for extra vegetables. More vegetables come with more flavors which bring more excitement to your bowl. It will be worth it.

The First Bite

My first bite was stressful. Yes, I did just say stressful. All the favors and all the types of vegetables was challenging to get on one fork at one time. And I don't even know if I did it. But it was amazing. My favorite thing about the bowl, was that I didn't need dressing. The different types of sides and vegetables all had their own flavoring and "own dressing." Certain dressings are known for their high fat and calorie levels, so Dig Inn creates meals that don't need them.

My first bowl consisted of brown rice, sautéed broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted kale with caramelized onions, vegetable coleslaw, snap peas, and mac and cheese to top it all off. It was heaven. And right when I finished, I wanted more.

The Experience

The chain that opened its first door in 2011, strives to provide local foods to Manhattan, somewhere that is not filled with farms. The chefs at Dig Inn work with local farms and farmers to cook the healthiest combinations of food possible. For example, Dig Inn bought a 12 acre farm in Orange County, New York, in order to create their own produce and crops. 

When devouring my bowl, I was able to taste the local flavor and local charm. The food was great, and the environment was even better. When I first walked in, I immediately felt welcome and I immediately felt at home. 

Overall, I would give Dig Inn a solid 10 out of 10, and would definitely recommend to a friend. I was pleasantly surprised and found a new favorite restaurant in Manhattan.