Are you a vegetarian? Do you have religious or dietary food restrictions? Let this article be your guide. Here are my 3 favorite places to get a vegetarian meal on UW-Madison's campus at half the price I would normally pay at a restaurant downtown.

Badger Market in Ingraham Hall

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Khairina Ibrahim

Any UW Madison student would agree that having back-to-back classes on Bascom Hill is the worst, especially during lunch time. I personally do not have the time to pack lunch from home.

My only other option is to walk to the nearest dining hall in Chadbourne, or a restaurant downtown to grab some food. The only thing stopping me from doing so is the thought of having to climb up the infamous hill all over again.

That's why when the clock strikes 12 p.m., I waltz my way to Badger Market in Ingraham Hall and order myself one of their vegetarian hot lunch entrees. For about $5, I get to enjoy a good vegetarian meal without having to do a leg workout on the way to my next class.

Gordon Dining Center

It could be because I don't go here often, but I am never sick of eating at Gordon's. It is a little far from my classes, so the only time that I get to go here is on Fridays when my classes end at 11 a.m.

Gordon's has a wide variety of options, serving both healthy and not-so-healthy meals for me to choose from. My personal favorite stall is 1849, which has one of the best macaroni and cheese dishes I've ever tasted. 

Also, the food at Gordon's is ridiculously cheap, which is a plus for hungry and broke Badgers like myself. The most I've spent here is $6 for an entree and a side dish. And if you live in the dorms, you could save an additional 30% when you use your Wiscard, but I'm pretty sure you already know that.

Campus Cafés

Khairina Ibrahim

Have you ever gotten a grab-n-go sandwich from the Open Book Cafe in College Library? I can't say the same because most pre-packaged sandwiches contain meat in them. So when I'm studying in the library and my tummy starts to rumble, I know exactly what I'm getting: hummus with pita bread. 

Their hummus may not be extraordinary, but it's good enough to satisfy my Mediterranean food cravings. Likewise, other cafes on campus, like Grainger's Capital Cafe, also serve pre-packaged food items that are ideal when you are starving but are running late to class.

Regardless of your reasons for opting for vegetarian meals, you no longer have to worry about finding a decent vegetarian meal on campus because UW Madison has your interests in mind.