I think it's become no secret that I love to try recommended and well-known restaurants in pretty much every city I visit. I recently took a weekend trip to New York City where we indulged in some delightful meals. We tried everything from French cuisine, to Asian food, to Mediterranean fare, to classic American grub. New York can be an overwhelming food city as it has so much to offer — there are literally restaurants on every block — so I now present your guide on where to eat in New York City. 

Balthazar Restaurant

I'd be lying if I said that this was the first time I've visited this delicious French restaurant. I've actually been lucky enough to visit their London location, and I must admit that it never disappoints. I recommended Balthazar to my roommate and her parents, whom I was traveling with, and I'm happy to say that they were pleasantly satisfied.

Not only is Balthazar located in New York's famous Soho neighborhood, but it also executes the elegance and complexity of French cuisine. The place itself is decorated like a real French bistro, making the experience of eating there that much better. If you ever get the chance to visit, definitely make sure to reserve a table in advance, as it is a popular spot and often has long wait times!

Some of the menu highlights for us included the French onion soup appetizer as well as the warm goat cheese and caramelized onion tarte. For entrées, I went with the scallops, which literally tasted as if they had come straight from the ocean.

Others ordered the classic steak frites with the maître d'butter and the butternut squash ravioli. Both dishes were exquisite as well, and I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to eat here. Last, but not least, the apple tarte tatin and pavlova were dessert show-stoppers that only left us wanting to go back for more.

Sofia Heras

Chelsea Market and Sarabeth's 

Two New York City classics, Chelsea Market and Sarabeth's, offer some of the best of what American cooking has to offer. Chelsea Market is located in the trendy area of Chelsea, as the name suggests, and is packed with a variety of options for all types of diets.

We treated ourselves to pizza slices from Filaga Pizzeria, followed by Nutella-filled beignets from Neighborhood Goods. To say that these hit the spot and made for the perfect late lunch meal would be an understatement. If you're looking for where to eat a quick bite, I'd definitely suggest giving Chelsea Market a try. 

Next, we visited Sarabeth's South Central Park location so that we could follow our breakfast with a leisurely stroll through New York's iconic green area. This was the perfect end to a hearty and delicious breakfast.

We shared the French toast and buttermilk pancakes, which were absolutely phenomenal. The French toast was perfectly crisp on the outside but soft on the inside, and the pancakes were as fluffy as clouds. I also had the spinach and goat cheese omelette, a combination that takes a breakfast classic to the next level. I would again recommend having a reservation, as we went early in the morning, and there was already a queue forming. 

Sofia Heras


If you're a big sushi fan or just an Asian cuisine aficionado in general, make sure that BONSDT doesn't escape your list. First off, the ambiance in this place is very nice; we went for dinner, and the lights were very dim, making for a chic and luxurious aesthetic. They also have a lounge area downstairs, which is worth visiting for a drink or two.

We basically ordered everything per our server's recommendations, and it was all for sharing. Some of my highlights include the spicy crispy cauliflower, as well as the spicy crispy shrimp, the toro tartare, and the big eye tuna tarts.

The sashimi and rolls we ordered were also amazing, including the salmon, yellowtail, and big eye tuna nigiri, along with the jalapeño scallop roll and spicy tuna roll. The fish was extremely fresh, and most dishes needed little to no seasoning due to the richness of the flavors already present. I'm pretty sure that to dine here, a reservation is also needed (shocker, I know), but it is worth including as a part of your trip.

Sofia Heras

Zou Zou's 

Last but not least, we closed our trip by going to Zou Zou's for a Mediterranean lunch. Located right by Hudson Yards and the Vessel, this hidden gem honors Mediterranean flavors and dishes to make you feel like you've traveled halfway across the world. It's a relatively new restaurant — opened in 2021 — that I'm sure will gain a lot of popularity in the coming years.

We once again ordered everything to share, and it didn't disappoint. We got the "All Five for $35" dips and bread, which I highly recommend as it allows you to try a little bit of everything. We followed that with the honey-butter kubaneh, the quinoa tabbouleh, and the grilled branzino.

Finally, we finished with the cheesecake for dessert. While everything was absolutely decadent, the cheesecake was really the star of the show. I can promise you it's unlike any cheesecake (or cheesecake variation) that you've tried before. I believe it is one of their most popular items, and I can confirm it is well-loved for good reason. For the last time, I invite you to add this new up-and-coming restaurant to your NYC food list. 

Sofia Heras

Of course, there are lots of delicious restaurants in NYC that I didn't include in this guide; unfortunately, our trip wasn't long enough to try all of them! However, I can assure you that if you visit at least one of these locations, you and your cravings will be greatly fulfilled. All of these restaurants also have Instagram accounts that I suggest looking at since they can further attest to how spectacular all of the menu items I've mentioned above are. I hope this article is helpful when thinking about where to eat in New York City! You can thank me later.