Before visiting The Netherlands, I was completely unaware of the delicious food this country has to offer. Ranging from the creamiest comfort food to the sweetest treat, the Dutch definitely know their stuff when it comes to food.

1. Cheese

Makayla Connor

This lovely country, home to Gouda cheese, is nothing short of amazing. If you are a true cheese lover, prepare yourself to be in heaven with the ultimate cheese selection. There are flavors of cheese that you haven’t thought of in your wildest dreams!

My favorite of the unconventional flavors is coconut. The combination of sweet coconut flavor and the saltiness of cheese was quite unfamiliar with my first bite, but it turns out to be the perfect combination. Who would’ve known?

2. Satay Sauce

Makayla Connor

Satay sauce beats American marinades any day. Satay is a delicious, thick, peanut sauce with a bit of spice. It is eaten with meat, fries, bread, and I suppose anything you prefer. Satay is offered at the majority of restaurants in The Netherlands, which shows how great this sauce really is.

3. Stroopwafel

Makayla Connor

Chances are most people know what a stroopwafel is and perhaps have even bought a package of them at the grocery store. Though they are still very flavorful in a package, there is nothing like a stroopwafel fresh off the griddle. The warm waffle and creamy caramel center melt away all worries. There is literally nothing else to think about while eating a stroopwafel other than how something so simple tastes so damn good. 

4. Drop

cereal, coffee, black beans, sesame seed, rice, urad bean
Wendy Zhou

The Netherlands not only offers a huge variety of cheese, it offers many options of “drop," commonly known in the U.S. as black licorice. Many people cringe at the taste of black licorice, but they haven’t given it the chance it really deserves. Drop ranges in options of flavor, shape, and texture. Katjes drop is a personal favorite, and a must-try even if you think you are opposed to it.

5. Kerststol (Christmas bread)

I know they call this “Christmas bread," but it should be eaten 365 days a year. The best part of the Christmas bread is that you will never get a bland bite. The bread is filled with liquor soaked cranberries, raisins and creamy almond paste, which is spread on each slice. To top it all off, the whole loaf is dusted with sweet powdered sugar. French bread is good, but Kerststol is better.

6. Bitterballen 

Health experts suggest it is crucial to know what your food consists of before consumption. I take it as food for thought, but it definitely doesn't stop me from enjoying bitterballen! Described as a "meat-based snack," bitterballen is the perfect appetizer or bar snack. It is almost an alternative to a meatball but with a creamier center, crunchier crust, and stronger flavor. Dip it in dijon mustard, and mmm so good!

7. Poffertjes

Aunt Jemima never disappoints when it comes to pancakes, but she just might have some tough competition. Resembling penny pancakes, poffertjes are much more dense than the typical American pancake with their fluffy texture. They are usually topped with a generous amount of butter and powdered sugar — the perfect solution for your sweet tooth!

There are way too many reasons why you must visit The Netherlands. But if you do need one, just take a look at these seven obvious reasons, and then buy your ticket!