FSU students can walk to Tallahassee's newest pizza place from their class, dorm, or favorite bar. Munchies Pizza opened this past June across from Florida State's DeGraff Hall, behind the Strip, at the corner of Virginia and Dewey Streets. Open until 3 a.m. every night except for Sunday, eaters can grab a pie after their late night in the library. 

Avery Centrella

Who They Are

Munchie's Pizza was started in June 2019 by founder Eric Riser. Eric worked throughout his teens and twenties both in Florida and up North, learning his trade from a variety of pizza establishments. He decided to open Munchie's in Tallahassee in order to fulfill his ultimate goal of owning and operating his own restaurant. He found the location of 695 West Virginia Street, after driving around the area for Uber, and opened the doors soon thereafter.

The location is central to FSU's campus, dorms, and in short distance from the Strip nightclubs. The dining room offers spacious booths, tables, and is a good space for large groups to gather.

Avery Centrella

What Sets Them Apart

Munchies offers an extensive menu of appetizers, wings, specialty pizzas, hot subs, fresh salads, and desserts. We tried both the garlic cheesy knots and the BBQ Chicken specialty pizza, pictured above. Riser said, "What sets our food apart is how we prepare our dough. We proof our dough for days in order to offer a New York-style pizza and bread knots." It's true; the cheesy garlic knots melt in your mouth, and the pizza crust was a soft, delectable consistency. 

Avery Centrella

Visit Munchies Pizza at 695 West Virginia Street, Tallahassee, Florida, or order delivery by calling (850) 759-0660. Find them on Instagram at @munchiespizzatally, or on Facebook. Be sure to check their social media for weekly deals!

Thank you to Munchie's Pizza for inviting us to come try their food, and experience the restaurant!