As an innocent first-year, I quickly discovered New York Pizzeria, known more commonly by the moniker “Slices”. Of course, hearing that name made me gravitate early and often toward their pizza. From trip number one, I was mesmerized by the soothing feeling of warm bread, sweet sauce, and droopy, gooey mozzarella cheese after partying the night away. After that, whenever I would venture downtown to Slices, I would always go for a slice of pizza (or three…don’t judge). Who needs anything else but pizza at an infamous college pizza haven?

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Photo courtesy of Slices

The photo above looks good, yes, but there’s more to be had at Slices. Trust me.

After hearing that “Slices” name so often, I forgot that New York Pizzeria also serves a collection of fried foods. That is, until a random night out last semester. I made it over to Slices with some friends, but not really in the mood for pizza. And then I saw them – six golden fried mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce being brought out for another customer. With ample time before the 1:30 fryer deadline, I put in an order for mozzarella sticks.


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Okay, so the first few times waiting for fried food at Slices can get to be annoying, especially if surrounded at a table by drunken college students shoving slices in their mouths. You can do it. If you have made it this far, you can wait the five minutes that it takes.

When they appeared on the countertop, I dashed over, excited for a change of pace at Slices. But this wasn’t any ordinary change of pace. I wasn’t just pleased with the mozzarella sticks. I was blown away by how irresistible they were, how pleasing to the soul they were. Little did I know, from that magical, texturally perfect first bite, that my Slices orders would forever be changed. Ultimate crispiness with thick and tasteful mozzarella and pungent marinara sauce contradicted everything I knew about New York Pizzeria. What was once the shrine of slices instantly became the sanctuary of sticks.


Photo by Jake Pulver

I can count on one hand the number of times that I have ordered slices from Slices since that night. Mozzarella sticks, on the other hand? They have transcended late-night ventures to 39 Lebanon St. Not only do I get them after parties, but also as an evening snack. I don’t think twice about the wait. Heck, I even go on my own to this acclaimed pizza institution just for mozzarella sticks.

Lactose-intolerant, or just don’t like mozzarella sticks? The chicken tenders give the mozzarella sticks a run for their money. Fried chicken breast never tasted so good, or for that matter, came out so steaming hot while maintaining the immense crunch on the outside.

But back to the sticks. Yes, you can’t grab them and get out of there. Yes, they cost double the price of a slice and ranch. However, you have to trust me when I say that the plentiful crispiness and combo of straight cheese and sauce is at least worth a shot. Who knows? You might just find your new Slices go-to.