Into building your own bowls?

Chipotle has a long standing of being the place to “build your own bowl,” but not until recently this Chipotle craze has shifted to a Cava craze. Cava, a new Mediterranean-style restaurant offering healthy choices on how to customize your own bowl, has opened recently. Just a hop, skip and a jump down Franklin Street will place you at this new restaurant, nestled near Whole Foods. Its open and airy environment with fresh smells will automatically make any “newbie” become a Cava regular.

For reasonable prices and healthy options, Cava is the place to go! For roughly just $10 you can create your own bowl of grains, rice, or greens (or all of the above!) The food is freshly prepared behind the counter ensuring the highest quality of food is given to all customers. The friendly employees will let you sample any option and assist you with making the best bowl ever.  For example, this is how I found out that I love falafel!

A BIG shoutout to Cava is in order for sponsoring our first Spoon meeting of the semester by providing us with an array of dips and crispy pita chips...pictured below! (We ate this stuff SO fast.)

Simone Handfield

With Cava's diverse menu, creating the perfect bowl is all about trying new things. Craving tzatziki and hummus? Get 'em both! Cava allows you to mix and match about anything on the menu ranging from white rice to braised lamb, falafel, a variety of home-made dips, to a plethora of delicious, healthy toppings and dressings. Not to mention, the warm pita bread that accompanies every bowl. At first, this variety can seem intimidating but with the help of experienced friends and watering taste buds, most people will find their own niche in the Cava menu. Even the pickiest of eaters will leave Cava feeling satisfied and happy.

Here is a glance into my typical Cava order:

1. Choose your base:

     -Brown rice

2. Pick up to three dips and spreads:

     -Tzatziki (2 scoops please!)

3. Choose a hefty protein:

     -Half chicken and half falafel 

4. Pick your favorite toppings:

     -Quinoa, diced cucumber, feta, tomato salad, and red onions 

5. Choose a dressing:

     -Spicy lime tahini, of course

Cava’s motto, "for those who savor," adequately sums up the environment and menu at Cava. Cava's "savory" flavors and spices will entice the everyday customer to continuously make treks back to this fast-paced, Mediterranean restaurant. Let me highlight "fast paced;" whether you're in a rush, in between classes, or post workout, Cava's employees make your experience quick and easy. Cava strives to deliver healthy and fresh foods at a fast pace to ensure that every customer leaves satisfied. What I personally love about Cava is that it truly gives you a bang for your buck with the amount of fresh foods stuffed into your bowl; normally I have enough leftovers for lunch the next day. Y'all, give this place a try.

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