Mountain Berry Bowls is an açaí truck opening in downtown Missoula for the summer and it's so exciting. Make your way over to the grand opening on Wednesday, June 6th, at Out to Lunch in Caras Park. Welcome them and get a refreshing healthy açaí bowl on a warm spring day. I know i'll be there! 

What exactly is açaí? (aw-sigh-EE)

Açaí is a berry that is grown on a tall slender palm tree, which is native to Central and South America. The berries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and healthy fats. Thanks to this amazing palm tree, the world is able to enjoy a delicious berry bowl for breakfast, lunch or even a dessert.

What's in an acai bowl?

Every açaí bowl can be topped with anything you like. Mountain Berry Bowls' are topped with granola, nuts, fruit and you can even build your own bowl--->check out the menu. With all the health benefits included in a bowl, the most important benefit of all is that they are also gluten and dairy free. It's a treat for everyone to enjoy!

Mountain Berry Bowls

The young married couple, Jared and Lindley Lynch, opened Mountain Berry Bowls with the mission is to serve healthy- all natural acai smoothie bowls out of funky food trucks, while connecting with good people. Back in 2015, they opened seasonal locations in Whitefish and Kalispell and are now bringing their growing business to Missoula. 

Check out MBB hours and truck locations below and be sure to follow their Instagram to keep up with more on their locations/hours/events and more.


Out to Lunch in Caras Park        Wednesdays- 11:00a.m.-2:00p.m.

Downtown Tonight in Caras Park    Thursdays: 5:30p.m.-8:30p.m.

Friday & Saturday & Sunday- MBB weekend locations change weekly- Check out their page.