From the outside, Moji Coffee Shop may just look like a regular coffee joint situated in downtown Winston Salem. But, as soon as you open the door, the welcoming smiles from the mojistas (their version of baristas) makes every one of your coffee cravings worthwhile. This is not a typical café like Starbucks, campus grounds or Dunkin' Donuts. Moji Coffee Shop is an experience in and of itself. It is a non-profit that employs mojistas who have intellectual and developmental "different abilities," as the employees say.

What does Moji mean?


The word Moji is a unique made-up term that is defined by the organization as the jolt of joy an individual gets when they make someone else happy. Every day, the coffee shop lives up to its motto printed outside on the window. They give everyone a voice by creating an environment where diversity is accepted and celebrated!

The ambiance 

The positive vibes in the café are not only created by the Spotify's "today's top hits" playlist playing in the background, but also from its trendy and colorful interior. There is plenty of seating, which is perfect for hanging around with friends or spending hours at a time catching up on work.


One of the best parts of the coffee house is the rolls of blank paper that hang right next to the seats. They are meant for customers to draw on or write notes to the mojistas. During an interview with Tim Flavin, the executive director of Moji Coffee shop states, “one time a couple came in and sat for hours with their Moji coffee in hand developing their new business venture on these exact paper rolls”. The shop not only serves delicious coffee but has a modern and innovative twist to it that is definitely worth a visit. 

Seasonal Specials


Moji coffee shop is open every day from 7 am – 7 pm and as the fall season is finally here, Moji has been (pumpkin) spicin' it up with their autumn seasonal specials. From the maple pumpkin spice cappuccino to the hazelnut chai latte, every drink is a MUST HAVE especially when paired with a freshly baked pumpkin muffin or homemade carrot cake.

Since opening day Moji has been bringing people together. Mr. Flavin says “it is obvious that the mojistas benefit from having a job at Moji but it may not be as obvious that the customers who walk into the door every day benefit from this experience as well. Everyone who comes into Moji walks out smiling with their coffee in hand. This community interaction is what our key focus is here in Winston."


Annie Sullivan, one of the "OG" mojistas says that the best part about working at Moji is "feeling like a person who is a part of something bigger within this small community". For Moji newbies, Annie recommends trying everything on the menu but especially the toasted everything bagels, chocolate chip scones and the addicting vanilla bean frappé.

So, come on in and spend a few hours sippin' on some amazing coffee made my some even better mojistas right in downtown Winston. By supporting Moji Coffee Shop, you're supporting people like Annie who “is proud to be differently abled. It is who I am.”