The MLB brought all 30 baseball teams together to put on a culinary experience of a lifetime. The MLB Food Fest took place in New York City and featured the best food options from every stadium around the country.

Complete with a popcorn ball pit and hotdog see-saw, Food Fest did not hold back. Every baseball team had its respective booth featuring its signature dish. But trust me here, they weren't serving typical ballpark dogs with yellow mustard.

With 30 options and three hours, there was a lot of food to be eaten. Below are just a few of my favorite ballpark eats.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Pulled Pork Pierogi Hoagie

David Salmonson

Ever thought there was such thing as too many carbs? That's right, it doesn't exist. This hoagie is complete with pulled pork, crispy onions, and a potato pierogi. The juicy pulled pork blended nicely with the pierogi and the crispy onions provided another element of texture to the sandwich. 

San Diego Padres: Tri Tip Steak Nachos

From the San Diego Padres, the Tri-Tip Steak Nachos topped with cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, sour cream and green onions was a great take on a traditional nachos. The tang of the BBQ sauce and sour cream on the chips with the steak were incredible.

Miami Marlins: Bacon Wrapped Plantain

David Salmonson

The bacon Wrapped Plantain with queso fresco, cilantro, and a guava marmalade was much better than your average ballpark snack. The Miami Marlins made a wonderful choice in bringing this to their ballpark.

Atlanta Braves: Pig Pickin'

David Salmonson

The Pig Pickin’ from the Atlanta Braves has everything you could possibly want at a day at the ballpark. First, the Pig Pickin' comes in a BBQ spiced tortilla shell. Then, it’s loaded with curly fries, mac and cheese, pulled pork, coleslaw and topped with roasted corn pico de gallo. Just when you thought that was enough, it comes with a side of pork rinds, but I like to call them by their Spanish name, chicharrones.

Texas Rangers: Chicken and Donuts

David Salmonson

This sweet and salty sandwich from the Texas Rangers was a crowd pleaser. I've had chicken and waffles, but chicken and donuts was something else. With crispy chicken and waffle fries on a donut, how could you go wrong combining all of the fan favorites in one dish?

Los Angeles Dodgers: Chee-lote

The Chee-lote was another big hit. I was caught off guard when I heard there was Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust on a piece of corn on the cobb, but it ended up being a  flavor packed surprise. The Cheeto dust took the traditional elote to a level that exceeded my expectations. The Chee-lote from the Los Angeles Dodgers was also topped with chipotle mayo, parmesan cheese, tajin, in addition to the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust, which gave it an amazing flavor.

These were just some of the 30 different MLB dishes available at the MLB Food Fest. The MLB Food Fest was an amazing exhibit of all the MLB has to offer. Although this event was a great representation of the eats from around the league, I still am determined to go to all the ballparks across the country to try the great food the MLB has to offer.