Mister Donut, a popular donut chain in Japan, has released a line of Pokemon donuts to celebrate the release of Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! on the Nintendo Switch. The donut campaign is called "Let’s Meet Pokémon at Mister Donut!” Along with the campaign is a special Mister Donut X Pokemon Winter Collection, which features donuts and adorable Pokemon mugs. There is also a video that features the new limited donuts as well. 

At the forefront of the campaign are the Pikachu donut and the Pokemon ball donut. The Pokemon ball donut comes with a special case and the option of either Pikachu or Eevee. The Pikachu donut is chocolate banana flavored filled with cream. The ears, eyes, and cheeks are also chocolate as well. The Pokemon ball has a strawberry and white chocolate glaze with a chocolate coating. Each are 216 yen ($1.90 USD)

Along with the Pokemon donuts, there are also Winter and Christmas themed donuts as well. The two pink and white donuts featured above are the "Winter Daruma" donuts, shaped like traditional Japanese Daruma dolls, which symbolize good luck and encouragement and are popular for New Years. Other fun campaign donuts are the "Red Snow," "Chocolate Snow," and "Yellow Snow," Pon de Ring donuts. Pon de Ring is a Mister Donut specialty and classic, and is essentially the lovechild of mochi (rice cake) and a donut. The "Red Snow" is strawberry flavored, and the "Yellow Snow," is banana flavored. There are also an assortment of colorful donut holes in all the Christmas flavors.

Alongside the donuts, Mister Donuts also has a special offer for adorable Pokemon mug cups that come in Pikachu or Eevee. One of the sets is called "Meet at the Store Set." For 800 yen ($7 USD), the set consists of a donut, a drink, and a mug that comes with a matching coaster.

Leslie Lee

The other set is the "Takeaway Set," which comes in a Pokemon ball takeaway box. It comprises of the 2 Pokemon donuts, another Pokemon donut or 2 Christmas donuts, and one cup. It is 1080 yen ($9.50 USD). 

Leslie Lee

Unfortunately, this campaign is only available in Japan, but is being carried out in all Mister Donut stores. It only lasts for another month, until the end of December so if you manage to stop by, grab your mug and enjoy some adorable donuts!