Just when you thought Champaign-Urbana's brunch scene couldn't possibly have any more options, the modern Asian-American restaurant Miga recently came out with new menu items for their Sunday brunch.

According to the owner of Miga, the restaurant wanted to incorporate more casual meals into their Sunday brunch menu that still have the Asian-American fusion taste that Miga is known for. A prime example of the restaurant's goal for their brunch menu is their Ground Rib-eye melt Toast, which is jam packed with ingredients.

bread, toast, egg
William OuYang

The Ground Rib-eye melt Toast is ground rib-eye, cheese, bean sprouts and cabbage stacked between apple buttered, toasted brioche. It's topped with mushrooms, cucumbers, pickled radishes, carrots, teriyaki mayo and—of course—an egg. This interesting dish definitely puts a twist on the classic American breakfast sandwich in the best way possible.

Another addition to Miga's brunch is the Chicken and Shrimp Waffle. This dish might look like any ordinary Chicken and Waffles dish, but once you take a bite of the chicken, shrimp and waffles topped with sweet and sour sauce and maple syrup, you will realize right away that this modern fusion dish is something else.

chicken, potato, sweet, sweet potato
William OuYang

If you aren't a fan of Asian-American foods, Miga also added two dishes for those who want a more classic American brunch. The Maple Butter Pancake and Vanilla Cream Cheese French Toast are both topped with berry compote, peaches, maple syrup and whipped cream.

William OuYang

Because these meals have almost the exact same toppings, they taste very similar. If you were in debate on which to order, it would have to come down to if you prefer pancakes or French toast.

Another of Miga's new brunch items is the Smoked Salmon Poke Rice Bowl. This dish combines rice, seaweed salad, radishes, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, smoked salmon and an egg to put a twist on the classic Poke Bowl. It is topped with ponzu sauce and chili oil so watch out because it has a kick.

rice, vegetable, egg yolk, bibimbap, egg
William OuYang

Miga's new brunch items add flare to an already fusion-filled menu. Next time you and your friends are deciding on where to get brunch in the Champaign area, consider Miga if you want a nice change to your late morning meal.