The South End in Boston is filled with gems worth trying for a night out, but people can’t stop talking about the contemporary Italian eatery, MIDA, located on the corner of Tremont St. and Mass Ave. This restaurant is a hot topic. The famous chef-owner, Douglas Williams, has even been featured for his pastry and pasta restaurant in Yankee Magazine

After trying a few dishes and taking in all the restaurant has to offer, here’s the run down of our experience at MIDA Restaurant. You’ll have a hard time not adding this to your list of places to try!

First Impressions

Nestled under a classic brownstone on Tremont, MIDA has a quaint and cozy curb appeal. Walking in, you feel quite at home with their ambient lighting, yet their neutral toned decor and furnishings are also quite contemporary. It is certainly a smaller, cozy space, likely impacted by the COVID limitations, so a reservation was necessary. 

Besides the space, decor, and ambient lighting, we couldn’t help but notice how their excellent music taste impacted and (in our opinion) enhanced the atmosphere. The playlist included artists like Anderson .Paak, Jacob Collier, and Charles Bradley, but the music wasn’t too loud that you couldn’t have conversations across the table, which is key when dining out. Their background music blended into the atmosphere while adding to the comforting vibe of this cozy spot. Thanks to the impeccable music taste, it really felt as if we were sitting in our own dining room listening to our own playlist.

How COVID-Conscious Are They, Really?

A necessary consideration when dining in restaurants nowadays is the safety precautions in place. While the restaurant itself is small, MIDA seems to be doing a good job of using safe COVID practices to keep the diners and staff healthy. There are shields separating each table, the menus are accessible online rather than a paper menu, and the staff makes sure to remind diners to keep their masks on when not consuming food. Additionally, we noticed that they kept the door open, which we believe is another precaution, to allow better air flow.

Waitress, Please!

The service itself was excellent. The waiters were attentive and continuously came over to our table to refill water glasses and make sure we were doing well. Our waiter was very energetic and although the food took a bit of time, she made sure to check on the status of our food (after noticing the hunger in our eyes!). Although it seemed like a long wait for the food, it was the right amount of time to cook an incredible meal and definitely worth the wait.

Meats, Cheese, And Then Some.

Now, onto the arguably most important part. The food. Emma ordered the charcuterie plate, which was gorgeous. Charcuterie has become more and more of an art form and MIDA seems to have mastered the trend. The plate came with fresh bread drizzled with olive oil, parmesan crisps and crackers, olives, a variety of cheeses and meats, dried fruit, and two jams. The plate is technically an appetizer, but it makes for a satisfying meal for one or multiple people. Emma took half of the plate home for dinner the next day. Everything on the plate was delicious, and our mouths are watering just thinking about it. We could not figure out what fruit the jams were made of but they were some of the best jams we have tasted. Overall, we would give this dish a 10/10.

Emma Stoloff

Pesto, Please!

Allison went for a pasta dish, specifically the Spaccatelli Al Pesto. Let me tell you this. The chef who’s getting praised deserves it. They pride themselves on using fresh locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, and this was evident here. The dish features tomato pesto, fresh basil, Calabrian chili, Parmigiano-Reggiano. As simple as it sounds, the Parmigiano and fresh basil made the entire meal. She’s never tried a pasta that tasted, honestly, healthy. This is the perfect balance of being a comfort food, while also letting the guest feel decent about splurging on a nice meal.

Allison Leacu

Icing on the Cupcake

We couldn’t leave the establishment without trying a dessert, so we shared the tiramisu. The perfectly round Ladyfinger cake was complemented by a mascarpone mousse and espresso. Serious brownie points are awarded for their presentation. We were passed the tiramisu in a bowl, amazed to see the letter “M” printed on the top. Before we could whip out our phones for a picture, our server drizzled steaming espresso over the cake. The fresh espresso added perfect flavoring to the cake, and moistened it adequately. They incorporated crunchy ground espresso into the cake as well, adding the perfect amount of texture in every bite. You’ll just have to pay a visit to MIDA and try it yourself to see it in person!