Mickey Mouse Beignets have always been a classic bucket list item for Disney-goers planning to take a trip to Disneyland California. It's a pillowy, deep-fried snack shaped to look exactly like the iconic mouse ears, and is topped off with tons of powdered sugar. Before, you could only find this signature treat at Disneyland's Mint Julip Bar and Cafe Orleans, or at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. But now, the delicious, doughy dessert is making its way to Florida. That's right, Disney World will finally be selling Mickey Mouse Beignets, and I couldn't be more happy about it. 

I've always been a fan of the traditional beignets they had at Disney World's Port Orleans, but they definitely needed a Disney upgrade. With the new Mickey-shape, the beignets now fit in with all the Disney themed-desserts and are way more Instagrammable than the original.

The beignets will still be served in their OG choice of three or six, but it looks like the prices have increased a bit. According to the Disney Food Blog, it now costs $4.49 for 3 and $6.99 for six. And for an extra two dollars, you can top off the experience with your choice of one of three fancy dipping sauces: caramel, strawberry, or chicory coffee ganache. These all sound so mouthwatering, especially the ganache, OMG.

And did I mention you can get them in a Sundae? For $6.49, you can get three Mickey-shaped Beignets served with your choice of ice cream and signature sauce. It's definitely worth the upgrade.

Disney-goers can find these doughy masterpieces at their original spot in Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter. It's a quick-service food court, so you're guaranteed to get some without having to wait too long.