A lot of different restaurants introduce Halloween-themed foods for the month of October. Mickey's Italian Delicatessen is no different. Every October, Mickey's creates a number of bizarre and unusual food items. Last year, it was the 20-inch pizza slice. This year, they went even bigger. Metaphorically. Luckily, I received the opportunity to try what they conjured up this year: the Spicy Spooky Cheeto Halloween-Themed Pizza.

The Spicy Spooky Cheeto Pizza

Bryn Goldstein

Opening the pizza box to see this pie definitely gave me a fright all on its own. The black crust is created by adding activated charcoal into their fresh, homemade dough. The pizza is then topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese because you can never have too much cheese. The main event is, of course, the Flamin' Hot Cheetos. 

A slice 

Bryn Goldstein

I was a little nervous to try this pizza due to its intimidating size and color. However, once I took a bite, I was not only surprised by how delicious it was, but how much it tasted like pizza from my home state of New York. Every New Yorker knows that a finding a good slice anywhere other than New York is nearly impossible. Discovering that Mickey's pizza tasted like home was sweeter than any piece of candy I eat this Halloween.

Every part of the slice was so tasty, from the two types of cheeses to the hot Cheetos, and even the charcoal crust. The Cheetos added a yummy crunch and a slight kick of heat, while the two cheeses complemented each other nicely. The crust didn't taste any different from normal crust even though it was black. It's just for the ~aesthetic~.

My friend, going in for slice two 

Bryn Goldstein

We couldn't resist - my friend, also from New York, and I both ate two slices of this Flamin' Hot Cheeto-covered pizza. As we walked along the beach afterwards, which Mickey's is extremely close to, we could not stop raving about how delicious the pizza was and how similar the taste was to that of our beloved New York pizza. 

A significant part of this experience was the atmosphere of Mickey's. All of the people working behind the counter were so kind to us, and they seemed to be a very tight-knit working community. They were all dedicated to showing us the best experience possible, in addition to serving us great pizza.  

Bryn Goldstein

If you want to have a truly unique experience with pizza, head over to Mickey's quickly because by November 1st, this Halloween-themed pizza will be gone. But don't worry - Mickey's has been in business since 1953, and they'll be serving Halloween dishes for years to come.