After opening up two successful Stray Hen's in Chicago, Chris and his family were ready to pack it up and move to Ann Arbor during the height of the pandemic. Chris built the Ann Arbor location with a mission in mind: appeal to the typical college kid aesthetic. Instead of having waiters and waitresses, Chris opted for a cashier and seat yourself style establishment. Everything in Stray Hen from the decor to the menu has been hand picked by Chris to appeal to this crowd, and he certainly did a great job doing it. Chris prides himself on the quality of his food and his staff. When hiring new staff members, he looks for people who share the same values of him instead of the typical job criteria. Chris wants to bring a smile to his customers and he believes this starts with his staff. Sitting and hearing from Chris, we could feel the deep passion he has to his food, family, and this community. This was my first time at Stray Hen and I can assure you that I will be back. 

Sample Tasting

Michigan Spoon was lucky enough to sit down with Chris and try some of their menu items, including a possible new plant-based addition. This sneak peak at their menu makes me more and more excited to try the rest of their extensive menu.

Oat Milk Caramel Iced Latte

Spoon University

We started off our sampling strong with this delicious oat milk caramel iced latte. Chris gave us the option to top it with whipped cream - either way definitely hit the spot. We all agreed we will be coming back for a coffee to satisfy our study craving. Other than the caramel iced latte, their coffee options include white chocolate mocha lattes, blended espressos, and many more. 

Turkey Roll Up

Zhen Lin

After indulging on Stray Hen's delicious coffee, we moved on to the spread Chris was nice enough to prepare for us. In addition to their many typical breakfast options, Stray Hen also has an extensive lunch menu including sandwiches and salads. Chris served us a turkey roll up with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and cream cheese in a flour tortilla. The roll up is then toasted to add some crunch. The turkey roll ups went quickly, as we all loved the delicious combinations of the flavors it featured.

Chips and Guac

Zhen Lin

Chris took an unusual spin on the classic chips with guac. This pairing featured a gluten free chip, mashed avocado, large chunks of tomato, onion, and of course salt and pepper. I typically do not lean towards gluten free items, but this chip  tasted exactly like a traditional tortilla chip. The large chunks of tomato and onion gave the guac texture and pronounced their flavors. This may not be on Stray Hen's menu right now but we are definitely hoping it is added soon.

Plant-Based Chicken Nugget

Lindsey Smith

I will be the first to admit that I do not typically try plant based meat when I am at a restaurant, but these chicken nuggets  changed my mind. Chris paired the nuggets with a creamy and zesty ranch that paired perfectly. The nuggets were crispy and tasted a lot like real chicken-based nuggets. We all sat in shock on how amazing these nuggets were. Please, please, please add these to the menu ASAP!

Granola Parfait

Zhen Lin

One of Stray Hen's most popular menu items is their granola parfait with greek yogurt, granola, honey, and fresh fruit. While definitely a simple dish, its simplicity is what shines. For college students lacking constant access to fresh fruit, you need to order this to taste freshness the dorms are often lacking.