The Infamous Driveway

Have you ever heard of a restaurant that started in someone's driveway? Neither had we until we stopped at Side Biscuit. The owner, Jordan Balduf had the idea to create selling wings out of his driveway during the pandemic. What started as a fun hobby and a way to make some money, turned into a business extremely fast. Now he owns one of the best wing restaurants in Ann Arbor and has flavors that will make you want to go back every day. 


Side Biscuit can be found on the corner of Packard and Woodland in Ann Arbor. The cozy chicken wing hub can be located only about 5 minutes from campus and is the perfect spot for a casual dinner or takeout. Unfortunately, there is no indoor seating, but when it's nice out the picnic tables on Packard get pretty busy. They also offer SnackPass and GrubHub, which coming from a student, makes it the perfect spot to grab dinner before heading home after class. 

The Flavors

Zoe Zaltz

When we asked Jordan Balduf how he came up with flavors, we were surprised to hear how this process was done. From his ideas to collaborations with athletes and small brands, the wings have so many unique flavors. The most popular flavors are brought back on the menu now and then, but new flavors are always hitting the menu. From St. Patty's wings to Basil Babe Wings, every taste is different but delicious. But before you go you have to know, ranch is not allowed at Side Biscuit. All wings can be dipped in blue cheese and other various sauces. Their blue cheese might have been the best I've ever had and it is homemade. 

The Food

We were lucky enough to be at side biscuit during Puerto Rican week. The biscuit of the week was modeled after rice pudding with dolce sauce and was loved by our Exec Team. We also got to try the Buffalo Wings, the Gucci Gang Wings, the Kaeser Wings, the Panang Wings, and the Brogarashi wings. Every flavor was different, and our taste buds were shocked when we tried the Kaeser wings. They are inspired by the taste of a caesar salad, and we even got to try the gluten-free version. We also got the BLT sandwich, the Wedge Salad, a Miso Peanut Butter Cookie, and the Pizza Logs. Jordan was kind enough also to share the story behind the Pizza Logs, which we could not get enough of. Jordan from Buffalo, NY said that these are classic menu items in Buffalo and can be found at any restaurant you walk into. Overall, our favorite items were the Buffalo Wings, the Pizza Rolls, and the Gucci Gang Wings. We will be back to try the rest of the menu items. 

Janice Liu

Thank You

In the future, Jordan hopes to do late-night events, open a new store in a new city, and maybe even get a location closer to State Street. We are so excited to see what evolves from Side Biscuit in the future. We can't thank them enough for having us and making our taste buds so curious. And when we say run don't walk to get these wings, we mean it.