Like many college students, I recently took a trip for my fall break. We decided on going to Miami, FL, and as one does on the daily, we needed to eat. My friends and I were excited to make reservations for some restaurants that were recommended to us. However, it can definitely be overwhelming to choose where to go out of the thousands of options that Miami has to offer. Here is my Miami food tour from my four-day trip for anyone who's looking to visit this city soon. 


With locations in Miami, New York, Chicago, and Toronto, PLANTA is a well-known vegetarian restaurant that serves anything from spicy tuna rolls made out of watermelon to truffle fried rice. We visited their Coconut Grove location, and their Asian fusion-inspired menu truly didn't disappoint.

We made sure to order some of their menu staples, such as the Bang Bang Broccoli and the Torched and Pressed sushi roll. PLANTA also has West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and South Beach locations, making this restaurant an accessible option for anyone in South Florida interested in trying it.

Sofia Heras


This French bakery and restaurant is an absolute must. Their freshly baked goods transport you to Paris, and their menu items are worth every penny. From classic plain croissants to baguettes, this spot highlights the elegance and charm of French cooking.

Bachour has multiple locations as well, including Coral Gables, Downtown Doral, and The Collection. If you ever find yourself craving coffee and a snack, Bachour should most definitely be on your list. We tried their plain croissant and their dulce de leche croissant, and they really were some of the simplest yet most exquisite French pastries I've ever had in the US. 

Sofia Heras

Little Hen

Last but not least, we visited Little Hen for some brunch. Needless to say, this place exceeded all of our expectations. Some of their brunch menu musts include the Bourbon Batter French Toast, the Strawberry Compote Pancakes, and their eggs benedict varieties.

Little Hen takes simple ingredients to provide their customers with a fresh, yet delicious menu. It's located right off the Miami Design District, making it the perfect destination for a shopping break. It feels like a farm-to-table restaurant, and while it's not, the quality of the food makes the pleasure of eating out that much greater. 

Sofia Heras

Needless to say, Miami is definitely not a disappointing food destination. You'll be able to find restaurants and hot spots to satisfy any possible craving. It also offers incredible options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, keeping your tummy filled with good food at all times.

I'd also like to point out that we did our fair share of at-home cooking, taking advantage of the fact that we could even do it in the first place. The winner from our cooking adventures was a fall-inspired butternut squash risotto that we tried. We used this recipe, which consisted of pretty basic ingredients and very clear steps, making it an easy-to-follow option. While we greatly enjoyed eating out, we also very much enjoyed getting to use our hands in the kitchen and share a more casual meal. 

Sofia Heras