While GW has definitely got some cool on-campus options for food, it can get kind of monotonous to go to the same places every day. Sometimes, you're in a rush and you just want something really good but also fast. The solution: food trucks. 

Food trucks come by campus with different ones landing on H Street day by day. Here are four favorites that GW students can't get enough of. 


beer, tea, pizza, coffee
Bailee Dukes

Swizzler is a hot dog truck, except the toppings are way more exciting than just mustard or relish. For example, the Leonardo Dog Vinci has pesto sauce, mozzarella, and cherry tomatoes. The truck has been coming to GW for about two years.

"Our favorite part about coming to GW is definitely the familiar faces that frequent the truck," said Jesse Konig, Swizzler's "Professor of Operations."

Freshman, Savannah O'Sickey says, "I always get the Leonardo. This is definitely my favorite food truck on campus."

Rolling Cow

pizza, tea, beer, coffee
Bailee Dukes

Rolling Cow is a Korean food truck that seeks to provide "Korea's most popular dishes in an on-the-go package." Each dish tries to incorporate a meat, vegetables, and a carb (with the exception of the salads, because those include just a meat and vegetables). 

Alexander Smith, a server, said: "We've been coming to GW for about a year now. This is definitely a spot that has helped put us on the map. We're grateful for that."

Junior Erika Feinman says, "I get the lunchbox with bulgogi. I come here all the time, a lot of times in between classes." 

Captain Cookie

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Bailee Dukes

Captain Cookie & the Milk Man is a Colonial favorite. They serve freshly baked cookies, milk, and homemade ice cream. They have everything from chocolate chip to snickerdoodles to funfetti cookies. They also have something called a cookiewich, which is two cookies of any kind with any kind of ice cream in between them.

The truck has been in business for five years. It became so popular, that it actually opened a storefront on GW's campus in fall of 2015.

Sophomore Haben Kelati says, "I get a cookiewich with two chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. This is one of the only dessert places on campus, so it's really nice to come to." 

House of Falafel

cake, pizza, coffee, beer, tea
Bailee Dukes

House of Falafel is the perfect truck for authentic Mediterranean food. They are best known for their platters, which come with a house salad, couscous, veggies, a meat option, and falafel patties. They also have sandwiches. 

They've been coming to GW for over 20 years.

Junior, Mateo Moreno says, "I like to get the platter with chicken. You get a lot of food for your money's worth."