Sugar Factory, previously famous for their extravagant drinks, insane ice cream sundaes, and birthday parties for pre-teen girls, is about to become known for their donuts. Starting on July 14, 2017, Sugar Factory will be serving new decadent donuts.

Pastry chef Max Santiago is transforming the face of New York City donuts with creations like Tiramisu, Cannoli, Maple Bacon Bourbon, and even a baked vegan Samoa Cookie donut. However, perhaps Santiago's most magnificent donut is his collaboration donut with Margo Wolfe of MdoughW, a Miami based cookie company, that is available this weekend only.

Lindsay Paulen

The Donut

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Lindsay Paulen

With the rise of Instagram and aesthetically pleasing food, there has been a decline of food that tastes as good as it looks. With that being said, the donut collaboration between Santiago and Wolfe might taste even better than it looks.

The donut begins with Wolfe's sugar cookie doughie that is stuffed with rainbow cake, which is then encompassed in 24 hour raised rainbow brioche dough, topped with a cotton candy glaze and actual cotton candy. The almond flavor of the rainbow cookie and the sugary cotton candy glaze go perfectly together while the brioche dough cuts the sweetness a bit.

Though this collaboration is beyond incredible, it is only available for an extremely limited time: Friday, July 14 to Sunday, July 16. Some things that blow up on Instagram aren't worth the hype, but this donut is worth the hype and more. So run, don't walk, to Sugar Factory this weekend and get your hands on this culinary work of art. 

MdoughW in NYC

Despite the fact that this donut collaboration is only around for three days, Wolfe's doughies will be individually wrapped and available for purchase starting today. Some flavors include funfetti fudge brownie, triple chocolate cookies and creme, and cotton candy white chocolate crunch. Even if you can't make it to Sugar Factory at 1991 Broadway this weekend, both Wolfe and Santiago's individual treats are well worth the trip.