If you’ve walked past Old Mill or Williams on your way to class, you’ve probably noticed several food trucks parked out on University Place. One in particular, May’s Dim Sum, stood out to me, so obviously I had to try it.

Right as I walked up to the window, I was greeted by the lovely May herself. Traditionally, dim sum is a huge feast made up of small bite sized portions of food served in small baskets. May was able to take this feast and consolidate it into a food truck, which is a fantastic idea for college kids looking for a quick but filling meal.

The Game Plan

dim sum

Photo by Danielle Allendorf

The menu offers many different options such as, dumplings, buns, scallion pancakes, lo mein, and different types of chicken. I had a problem that faced me; I could not decide on one thing.

There was only one solution to my problem, and that was to keep the dim sum tradition going and feast. I ordered 4 meat buns (a deal on the truck for $5), and lo mein served with sesame chicken.

The Execution

dim sum

Photo by Danielle Allendorf

I had never had a meat bun in my life up until this moment. After that first bite, I questioned why this was the case for so long. The bun itself was soft and fluffy then after about my third bite, I finally reached the meat embedded inside. It wasn’t overwhelmingly salty and I could tell that it was soaked in soy sauce, which added an interesting flavor.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, May offers a Vegetable bun which is equally just as yummy.

So far, May was setting the bar pretty high and I was sure I was not going to be let down.

The Grand Finale

dim sum

Photo by Danielle Allendorf

Next, I moved on to the lo mein and sesame chicken. I’ve had my fair share of lo mein and sesame chicken due to many late night orders but these were some of the best I have had. The noodles were not too saucy, and I could tell the sesame chicken was fresh.

The Takeaway

May’s Dim Sum proved to be a more than satisfying lunch stop that far surpassed any chicken patty at Cook dining hall. Unfortunately, May said that she’s only on campus Monday through Thursday but weather permitting, she will always be there.

Next time you see May’s white food truck on University Place, stop by and check out what May has to offer; you definitely won’t be let down.

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