It's no secret that there are some seriously good restaurants in Boston, but what many don't know is that the suburban towns on the Massachusetts South Shore have their fair share of delicious and diverse eats.

As someone who's lived in this area my whole life, I've visited a multitude of these restaurants and compiled a list of some of my favorites over the years. Whether you're looking for breakfast, dinner, a café, or even foreign cuisine, there's sure to be something on the South Shore for you. Don't forget to order each restaurant's "must-try" dish while you're there.

With that, here are 17 go-to spots on the Massachusetts South Shore:

1. Hingham: Wahlburgers

With an expanding list of restaurants all over the country, as well as *ahem* its own TV show, Wahlburgers' original restaurant is in the Hingham Shipyard, and it's a seriously popular burger spot.

Run by chef Paul Wahlberg, brother of actor Mark Wahlberg, it's famous for its secret wahl-sauce and its onion rings, which are so airy, thin, lightly breaded, and flat out amazing that you could eat the whole basket without feeling disgusting. And, if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Donny or Mark. 

#SpoonTip: While you're at the Shipyard, be sure to check out Paul's other restaurant, Alma Nove.

Must-try: The Our Burger—with a side of onion rings, of course.

2. Hull: Toast

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There is nothing like a good breakfast diner, and Toast is no exception with a near constant line out the door. Offering everything from the basics like buttermilk pancakes and omelets to the more creative like the Crème Brulée French Toast, you can't go wrong ordering anything on their menu.

I mean, have you really lived until you've tried French toast with a crust of literal burnt sugar on it? No, you really haven't.

Must-try: Crème Brulée French Toast

3. Milton: Novara

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Don't be deceived by the modest appearance from the street; this casual yet seemingly-upscale Italian restaurant was built in an old movie theater. The massive, concrete inside, complete with a projector screen, makes it just as much fun to sit and enjoy the ambiance as it is to eat the delicious food.

Their menu includes modern takes on Italian classics like chicken saltimbocca and spaghetti with meatballs. It goes without saying Novara is perfect for taking your S.O. or just your best friends out for the perfect date night.

Must-try: Zucca Pizza

4. Cohasset: The Daily Press Juice Bar 

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I'm a little biased when I say this is my favorite place in the world because I practically lived here last year. While they have a large selection of smoothies and juices, The Daily Press also sells breakfast, salads, sandwiches and açaí bowls—all made-to-order and guilt-free. In addition to the Veggie Burger, which is made from oats, squash, and black beans and is definitely my lunch go-to, I am a huge fan of the PB & J Oatmeal because it comes with a huge scoop of homemade peanut butter.

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Must-try: Veggie Burger

5. Weymouth: Niko's

Broke? Hangry? Hungover? All the above? Niko's serves huge, usually greasy, always just-what-you-need breakfast platters that will immediately solve all your life problems. Definitely don't come here if you want a healthy meal, but who doesn't need to indulge every once in a while?

The cozy family atmosphere feels more like you're being served breakfast in someone's home than in a restaurant, and despite its popularity there's almost never a wait longer than five minutes. Come here for a much needed pick-me-up after a long week—or night.

Must-try: Banana Bread French Toast

6. Plymouth: Blue-Eyed Crab

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This Caribbean-inspired seafood restaurant is right along the harbor in Plymouth, and is a bright, beautiful location to come for a meal or drinks. With creative dishes ranging from the sea to the grill, Blue-Eyed Crab incorporates Caribbean spices to create flavors you've likely never tasted before. The bar is famous for their cocktails, so be sure to have some fun while you're at it.

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Must-try: Banana Garlic Chicken Wings 

7. Milton: Steel and Rye 

True to its name, Steel and Rye is located in a part of Milton called Lower Mills, which has historically been both a factory town and an agricultural center for the Massachusetts South Shore. They incorporate this history into their steel-based decorations and all-American dishes.

I have never once tried a dish I would not order again, even with their ever-changing menu. Recently, they installed a pizza oven to give customers more options. If you want to see what real American food is — no, it's not McDonald's — come to Steel and Rye to enjoy a rustic meal and a little history.

Must-try: Potato Chips with Herbed Cloumage

8. Hingham: Nona's Homemade Ice Cream

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Ah, Nona's, the centerpiece of my childhood. I'm not lying when I say I came here after probably every day of middle school. Nona's is so good that they drove out every other ice cream shop in Hingham Square. They make all of their ice cream flavors in the store and have all the basics, like vanilla and Oreo, alongside their own creations, which include the ever popular Johnny-Be-Good and Hingham Harbor Sludge. If you're feeling adventurous, try making a parfait and combining whatever flavors and toppings you want.

Must try: Hingham Harbor Sludge

9. Hingham: Square Café 

The Square Café is my family's go-to for any celebration — many last day of school celebrations and birthday parties have been spent here. That being said, it's also the first place we call when we want to order take-out and eat in front of the football game.

While this American bistro is a bit on the expensive side and you can't show up in leggings unless you're taking-out, their dishes are versatile enough for every occasion. As a plus, they serve some of the best bread and butter before the meal that I have ever had in my life.

Must-try: Sautéed Maine Mussels

10. Milton: The Plate

Attending high school within driving distance of The Plate made it a staple for days when I was tired of rushing breakfast or eating cafeteria lunches. They change their menus based on the flavors and available produce of the season, but their array of soups, panini, and coffees never failed to provide some comfort during a stressful school day.

I highly recommend enjoying a nice grilled cheese or smoky tomato soup, but if you are really feeling adventurous, you must try the grilled Nutella and bacon breakfast sandwich. Have you ever heard of something so salty-sweet and decadent?

Must-try: Grilled Nutella and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

11. Hull: Jake's Seafood

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Admittedly, when I was little I used to love Jake's because they served really good Kraft mac and cheese. However, I've recently realized they have some darn good seafood, too. It's nothing fancy — probably half of the menu is deep-fried — but having a bit of hearty calamari or shrimp pasta in cream sauce while sitting directly on the water is enough to make the dreariest fall day feel like summer.

Must try: Homemade Lobster Mac n' Cheese

13. Hull: Dalat on Nantasket

Dalat is a Vietnamese restaurant—also very close to the water—that serves Asian cuisine classics that you can tell are made with fresh ingredients. Three generations work in the kitchen, behind the bar, and as managers — you can't beat the kind of hospitality that comes from a family-run business.

My favorite part of the restaurant is their sushi bar, which serves an array of sashimi and maki that takes up nearly two pages of the menu and is arguably the best sushi on the South Shore.

With a view of the water both outside—Nantasket beach is the most popular bathing beach on the Massachusetts South Shore—and inside, courtesy of the BIG fish tank, Dalat is an immersive dining experience from start to finish.

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Must try: Any Maki Roll

14. Norwell and Milton: The Fours

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What would a list like this be without a good old sports bar? The Fours has a popular location in Boston right near TD Garden, but their Massachusetts South Shore locations have no problem drawing sports fans who can't make it to the big game. There is a TV visible from every table, and you'll no doubt find people decked out in Boston sports jerseys enjoying beer and eats at the bar.

They have any food you could possibly want on game day: burgers, nachos, wings, steak tips, etc. You name it, they've got it. The Fours is definitely the kind of atmosphere you want to enjoy if you're looking to get hyped over the Patriot's inevitable Super Bowl win, again.

Must try: Nachos El Grande

15. Hingham: Scarlet Oak Tavern

Specializing in elegant American cuisine, Scarlet Oak Tavern has some of the most delicious salads in Mass, and the steak-loving guys in my family swear by their sirloin and rib-eye cuts.

The atmosphere is casual enough for a family dinner, but fancy enough for a special occasion. We celebrate every high school graduation here, making it a bit of a sentimental spot. Lovers of fresh, inventive American food should check out Scarlet Oak for their next South Shore meal.

Must try: Roasted Beet Salad

16. Hingham and Cohasset: Peel Pizza Co

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Peel has had a bit more trouble creating a following than it should because it replaced Hingham's beloved Upper Crust Pizzeria. However, the pizza at Peel has the same signature crispy thin crust and chunky tomato sauce as Upper Crust while offering even more specialty topping combinations. This is one of my favorite spots to grab a quick dinner before watching an Oscar nominee at Loring Hall. Bonus: they even have a gluten-free crust option for all you unfortunate kiddos like me who can't regularly enjoy pizza. 

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Must try: Artisan White Pie

17. Cohasset: 5 South Main

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If you can't tell from this list, I really like breakfast food. Like, a lot. 5 South Main is a breakfast and lunch café not unlike The Plate. However, don't let the small size of the building fool you; they have way more menu options than you could ever imagine.

This is the place to be for fun spins on comfort food classics in a bright and airy setting that's perfect for brunch with the gals. Though the soups change daily, be sure to try the tomato soup if they have it — it tastes like dipping your spoon into an authentic bowl of marinara sauce only, you know, soupier.

Must try: Tomato Soup

The Massachusetts South Shore is known for its scenic harbor views and quaint town centers, but its diversity of quality restaurants is not to be ignored. If you find yourself in the area or want to take a break from the hectic Boston lifestyle, plan a brunch or dinner in one of these cute harbor towns.