Marist College's Asian Alliance brings cultural diversity to campus by giving students an opportunity to experience different types of Asian cultures. Asian Alliance is known for having ethnic food at its events, which makes them some of the most popular on campus, but the club offers more than a tasty snack. Throughout the Fall 2016 semester the club worked hard to provide experiences that are culturally enriching and teach members a thing or two about different Asian traditions. Now that the semester is finally over, here's a recap some of those events. 

1. Chinese Calligraphy and Game Night

beer, coffee, wine
Ashly Kim

Students were able to write their names in Chinese using calligraphy tools and learn how to play Mahjong, a traditional Chinese game that requires good strategy and a bit of chance. 

2. Korean Night

Members got to taste popular Korean snacks, enjoy K-Pop, and learn how to play Ttakji (Ddakji), a game that's a little like the Korean version of Pogs. 

3. Japanese Tea Ceremony

sake, coffee, tea
Ashly Kim

Thanks to the Mid-Hudson Japanese Community Association, a non-profit organization that hosts workshops for people who are interested in learning about the Japanese culture, students were able to perform their own Japanese tea ceremonies in addition to traditionally brewing Matcha teas with grace and etiquette. The event began with everyone witnessing an abridged version of an actual Japanese tea ceremony performed by professionals who've practiced the art for years. Then, they got to try it out for themselves with the help of these instructors.

4. Hawaii Night

Many of Asian Alliance's members are Hawaii residents who sometimes miss home after being away for so long. The club provided them with a little remembrance of home at Hawaii Night. The event gave Hawaii students the opportunity to teach others about their islands and correct common misconceptions. The committee put together a presentation that taught people about Hawaiian values, the Hawaiian Islands, and Hawaiian myths such as the story of Pele, the goddess of fire, the legend of Maui, and the ghost story of the Nightmarchers. Hawaii residents also shared videos of their "days in a life," taught people how to play ulu maika, and arranged a menu with the college's catering to provide Hawaii inspired dishes such as kalua pork, Hawaiian fried rice, spam musubi, and butter mochi.

5. Filipino Night

Ashly Kim

The club closed the semester with a bang. Filipino Night was the biggest event with students taking a field trip to the Hyde Park Oriental Market to eat authentic Filipino food prepared by chef Windy, the storeowner. People were able to eat and learn about the different dishes such as chicken adobo, pancit bihon, shanghai lumpia, and caldereta. Plus everyone enjoyed the added bonus of ice cream. 

Asian Alliance is already preparing for the Spring 2017 semester. Keep your eye out for Chinese Lunar New Year, Vietnam Night, Thai Night, and possibly a field trip to NYC. You can stay updated by following Asian Alliance's Facebook page @maristasianalliance.