Summer is almost over but margaritas last a lifetime. In case you find your self margarita-less, here’s a list of where to get your tequila drink on with these margarita deals each night of the week in Jacksonville, Florida.

To help you know where to go, here is a short (but tasty) list of restaurants that will serve that margarita sweet tooth some good.

margarita deals

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Blue Water Daiquiri and Oyster Bar

margarita deals

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Deal of the night: $3.00 margaritas.

Located in Jacksonville Beach,  a local grill and bar where you can enjoy seafood and yummy frozen adult beverages. Upstairs there’s awesome old school hip hop to dance to, which is perfect to pair with your frozen cup of alcoholic goodness.

Mossfire Grill

Deal of the night: $3.50 house margaritas and $4.50 flavored from 3-7 p.m.

A southwestern restaurant in Riverside that is home to Jacksonville’s largest tequila bar. Not only is the sheer amount of tequila enough to make this a worthwhile night out, but the food is simply delicious. And there’s complimentary chips and salsa. This makes for a perfect marg night with the girls.


Corner Bar: Sports Bar and Grill

margarita deals

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Deal of the night: $3 margaritas starting at 8 p.m.

Hang out with the St. Augustine locals here and listen to a live band or laugh together during the comedy club. No matter what night you come in expect to have a good time.

Spoon tip: There is a D.J. at 7 p.m. and trivia at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays.


The Lemon Bar

Deal of the night: $4 margaritas.

The Lemon Bar is a laid back spot overlooking the ocean and is one of Jacksonville’s only truly ocean front joints. Enjoy small bites and big drinks here before a day out on the beach or a truly Floridian evening. Even when it isn’t margarita night, the great specialty cocktails and scenery make this place is a favorite amongst Jacksonville locals.

Castillo De Mexico

margarita deals

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Deal of the night: $5 margarita pitchers.

This small Mexican restaurant has big drinks that pack a punch. On Wednesday nights you can get a margarita pitcher (that they put a straw in so you can have all the margs to yourself) and $2 tequila shots. Hell yes.


Salt Life Food Shack

margarita deals

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Deal of the night: half off salty and skinny margaritas.

This great deal doesn’t even seem possible when your sitting in yet another indulgence by the beach (because who doesn’t love drinking margaritas by the beach). Dress casually and enjoy modern seafood dishes with your margarita.

Every Day of the Week

Campeche Bay

Deal of the week: discounted margaritas 4 – 7 p.m.

A little Mexican spot off of 3rd Street to satisfy your indulgent side with huge burritos and delicious queso. This locally owned Mexican joint is one of the best in Jacksonville. Their homemade and delicious queso con chorizo makes Campeche Bay unmissable.

Burrito Gallery

margarita deals

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Deal of the week: $4 margaritas 4 – 7 p.m.

A modern tex-mex restaurant with flavorful tacos and burritos. Oh, and queso. Never forget the queso.

With deals like this how can one ever find themselves without a margarita in hand? Treat yo’ self.