San Antonio is hosting an event on Monday night where two teams of college men will compete to see who can stick a ball in each other's basket more times.

Now, this may seem uninteresting to those who don't follow sports, but these are ~special~ men. They are unusually large, therefore making the location of this year's March Madness Championship particularly fitting. The Michigan forward, Moritz Wagner, comes in at an insane 6'11"! This man makes standing in the 6 foot section of the pool look easy. Surprisingly, even Wagner is shadowed by the HUGE food in San Antonio.

Whether you're a cat person or bleed blue, everyone in San Antonio can end the tournament a winner if they choose to dine in true "everything's bigger in Texas" fashion.

Big Lou's 42 Inch Pizza

With 42 inches of pure cheesy goodness, why wouldn't you make a pit stop at Big Lou's? One reviewer on Google says, "most of the attention it garners stems from its literal larger than life pies that can feed a family of 4 for a week." So, if the fact that it's more popular than Jordan Poole after he hit a 3 point buzzer beater isn't enough, the fact that you can have cold pizza leftovers for a week should be. Major bonus points (I'm talking 3 pointers) if you can actually finish the whole pie.

Lulu's Bakery and Cafe's Cinnamon Roll

Yes, this IS what dreams are made of. Lulu's cinnamon rolls are three pounds of pure heaven, drizzled with glaze and the underlying promise to make you forget about all your problems. With the average basketball's weight coming in at just a little more than a pound, you probably couldn't dunk a Lulu's cinnamon roll. Fortunately, your mouth acts as a great substitute basket-- feel free to dunk it into the glaze before stuffing your face. Who says you shouldn't play with your food?

De Wese's Tip Top Cafe's Chicken Fried Steak

For those unfamiliar with chicken fried steak, it it is a mutant creation consisting of a piece of beef battered and fried. I would compare its hybrid qualities to one of the basketball players but, men aren't just pieces of meat you know! At Tip Top Cafe, you are guaranteed a mouthful with a name like chicken fried steak and a piece of meat the size of your plate. 

Armadillos Texas Style Bugers' 3 Pound Burger

If you're gonna do Texas, do it (Jay) Wright! Three pounds of meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and all the fixings. If you're trying to ~beef~ up to guarantee your walk-on placement on your school's basketball team, Armadillos is a great place to start. However, after finishing this burger, you may have to take a break from the grind. (Don't admit that to any of your student-athlete friends though!)

Luckily, all these meals take place outside of a basketball game and traveling to try them is actually encouraged. No fouls here! As a fun game time idea, you may want to try finishing one of these meals before the final buzzer sounds. Happy watching!