Marcella’s is the place to go for homestyle Italian cuisine in Denver. If you’re looking for an exquisite and affordable dinner, you definitely need to check out Marcella's. This Italian restaurant offers authentic, yet modern cuisine that everybody can enjoy. Myself and some other Spoon members at Denver had the pleasure of recently going to Marcella's, and this restaurant is a foodie’s dream. 

The first thing you notice when you walk in is that the tables are gorgeous and decorated with beautiful candles. There is also a picturesque view of downtown area. Marcella's is the perfect place to go on a romantic date, or celebrate your college graduation. Everyone at the table was gushing over how pretty the entire restaurant is.

One major thing that stood out was the amazing service. We were immediately greeted by our amazing waiter after being seated. Throughout our entire evening at Marcella's we got quick and wonderful service. Seriously though, we cannot emphasize this enough, the service at Marcella's was top tier. It was clear that they cared about making sure our experience was nothing short of perfect. Our water glasses were never empty and the service was always quick and friendly. 

Of course you’re probably most curious about the food. Did it live up to the expectations? Yes, yes it did. All of the Flatbread Pizzas are amazing and all of the pasta dishes are perfection. Looking to get out of your comfort zone? I highly recommend trying their Braised Veal Meatball, which even I, a meatball hater, enjoyed. But our chapter's absolute favorite was the Chicken Parmesan. It can only be described as cheesy deliciousness. The portions are huge, so you’ll never feel empty when leaving, even if you do family style meals. The dessert is to die for. The tiramisu is rich and decadent, and does all of Italy justice. Or go for something on the tart side, like the Cherry Crustada. But whatever you get on the menu, you won't be disappointed. 

Eleanor Challenger

As far as fancy cuisine goes, this place is absolutely college student friendly. Their happy hour is absolutely a life saver for any broke college student. For those who love a drink with their dinner, all of their drinks are 25% off on Monday’s and Wednesdays. That deal is totally worth it as their drinks are fantastic and creative. There are classic Italian drinks like wine or fun cocktails like the Strawberry Balsamic. Whether you are a beer drinker, wine enthusiast, or cocktail lover, there is something for you. Don't drink alcohol? Their lemonade is a great choice too. 

Speaking of something for everyone, this place was incredibly accommodating when it came to dietary restrictions. The staff made sure everyone was able to eat something that was both delicious and friendly to their diet. There were plenty of vegetarian options, and more than half the items could be made gluten free. So, if you’re worried that you won’t be able to join in on the feast due to a vegan diet fret not, there’s something for everyone. Our waiter even explained that they will basically make anything vegan or gluten free if you request it about a day advance. So don’t feel like anything is off the menu because of your food preferences.

Eleanor Challenger

Overall Marcella’s is a great place to go for any food enthusiast or even just someone looking to treat themselves to a nice Italian dinner. It’s affordable yet elegant and the service is fantastic. There’s delicious food for anyone craving homestyle Italian food. So next time you’re craving Italian cuisine, try Marcella's.