Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee Santa Monica is the second branch of this inspired doughnut shop, and despite the name it is no sidecar; in a world of hipster doughnut shops and designer lattes this baby takes center stage. The original Sidecar located in Costa Mesa, Calif. is the mother of this interior design award worthy, beauty of a shop on Wilshire and 7th in Santa Monica, Calif. Entering the quaint space for the first time, I was delighted to see an open space full of bright white marble, dark grey and black paint, wood accents, and pops of bright color in the form of delicious doughnuts.

The Saturday of my visit featured doughnuts from their signature Huckleberry, to a dreamy pumpkin pie number, and my personal favorite, the maple bacon doughnut. Being in the middle of a doughnut addiction and all, I decided to just try one doughnut on my first trip so that I would have plenty of reason to return. (Note: I returned and had the maple bacon, again, and a seasonal gingerbread doughnut, which was no disappointment). This was not an ordinary maple bacon doughnut, in fact for over a year I have been in love with a maple bacon bar from Pinkbox Las Vegas, so you can imagine the quality needed to redirect my love.

So, what was the doughnut like? Well, here is the lowdown:


  • Light, fluffy, sweet, with just the right amount of savory (I can be a bit sensitive towards overly sweet doughnuts, so Sidecar hit it out of the park here).
  • Overall: New age classic that does not overwhelm.


  • Minimal glaze while maintaining complete coverage, avoided the thick syrupy trap of some traditional doughnut shops, kept it light and it was pretty tight.
  • Overall: Maple without the traditional overpowering sweetness.


  • BACON! Need I say more?
  • Okay, fine, more: thick cuts of bacon in chunky squares, smoky taste (think breakfast at a cabin in the woods), once again, complete coverage was well maintained.
  • Overall: They definitely do not skimp on the bacon (no wimpy bacon crumbles over here).

#SundayFunday with our classic Maple Bacon! Because maple + bacon + doughnut = fun! ? #eatmoredoughnuts #maplebacon

A photo posted by Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee (@sidecardoughnuts) on Nov 29, 2015 at 12:59pm PST

My experience of eating the doughnut went on a journey from slight resistance at initial bite due to the slightly crisp exterior which ultimately gave way to a wonderfully fluffy interior. As the heavenly maple bacon combo explored my taste buds I was enlightened by Sidecars ability to achieve a traditional bacon taste on a treat that could have bordered on overly sweet. In all, just visit this place the first chance you get.