Unfortunately for everyone in Manhattan who think even Brooklyn or Harlem is a trek, Flushing is maybe the undisputed capital of Chinese food in New York — but sometimes taking that dreaded hour long subway ride is out of the question. Fortunately for everyone stuck in their Manhattan bubble, dim sum is just as authentic here if you look in the right places! Here are some of the best dim sum places in Manhattan, for all of you as lazy as me. 

Golden Unicorn

You know a dim sum place is authentic when there are people everywhere pushing carts with piles and piles of deliciousness stacked on top of each other, with the cart pushers yelling out the names of what is on their carts. It's like a walking menu, and if you want something and don't know the name of the dish all you have to do is point! It makes dim sum very dangerous because since it's not a la carte, you can go overboard and ask for dishes from whatever cart comes by. However, you can get so many dishes (like these cute pig buns) from Golden Unicorn for very cheap!

Tim Ho Wan

This is the only restaurant on this list that isn't located in Chinatown — it's in the East Village right by NYU. This dim sum location that opened less than a year ago is based in Hong Kong and the famous dim sum chain is evident by the line of people always waiting outside. Seriously, I don't think I've ever not seen a line. 

Joy Luck Palace

Similar to Golden Unicorn, Joy Luck Palace has an endless amount of carts pushing around in a large dining area. The food distracts from the chaos that comes from people pushing carts and yelling so everyone can hear what food is in their cart. Joy Luck Palace is also known for their cute dim sum designs, like the buns pictured above! 

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

As Manhattan's first ever dim sum parlor, there is no doubt that every dim sum lover must go to where it all began in New York. Although the restaurant is a la carte, making it more expensive than some of the other places listed, it's still much cheaper than plenty of other restaurants in Manhattan! Tip: go with many people so you can all share a bunch of dishes! 

Jing Fong 

If you're in Chinatown for dim sum on a weekend, unfortunately there are going to be long waits. Fortunately, lines move fast because of how big these dining areas are and how many tables can be sat at a time! Jing Fong is yet another authentic dim sum restaurant with—you guessed it—those classic carts. 

Being lazy can't stop us from enjoying good Chinese food—especially if it's dim sum! Luckily if you're in Chinatown and the wait to the restaurant you want to go to is too long, there are plenty of other equally delicious options right near you!