When it comes to college life, we like to think we have all the options in the world: where to hang out, where to study, where to eat. But with so few food options on campus, we often just settle for PCB or something on the Strip.

I promise, though, you’re missing out on all the great restaurants that Knoxville has to offer.

My favorite restaurant by far is Litton’s. It’s about a 15 minute drive away, and I’d say it’s worth double the drive for what you get. Litton’s is a truly unique restaurant, unlike any other I’ve ever encountered in Knoxville.


Photo by Bailey Culpepper

It’s a family-oriented diner that was first built in 1946 as a general store. Over the years, the business continued to expand, and by 1980, third-generation owner Barry Litton had opened up a fresh meat market in Fountain City.

A year later, Barry sold his first burger, and Litton’s burgers have been a legend ever since.


Photo courtesy of Litton’s

Though its history is unique, the entire diner has an authentic feel, complete with memorabilia giving it a 1950s feel. Since Litton’s makes their food from scratch, everything tastes fresh.

In fact, it’s some of the best food you can get in Knoxville. They offer daily blue plate specials as well during Monday through Friday, and you cannot miss out on their famous desserts.


Photo by Hannah Cather

The most important thing to me about Litton’s is how friendly their workers are. They give off a strong vibe of genuine Southern hospitality. So give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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