One of the best things about becoming an adult is getting to experience brunch. I remember being little and hearing my mom say she was going to meet her friends for brunch. Even though I knew my mother was a high-class lady, hearing her say “brunch” made her seem even more fancy to smiling eight-year-old me. Now that I am old enough for the brunch experience, I am always looking for some great places to get my brunch on. Here are a few reasons why you should make Gold Street Caffé your new go-to brunch location.

1. The Location

Gold Street Caffe

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Nothing says high-class like going downtown on a weekend to grab some brunch. Gold Street Caffé is located in downtown Albuquerque on Gold Street between 2nd and 3rd Street. When walking into the Caffé, you will be greeted by one of their friendly staff who will gladly seat you either inside or in their outside patio area. If you choose inside, you will probably pass their glass case of freshly made blueberry and raspberry scones. Not only are these scones fresh, but they are also made from scratch. These scones bring us to our next reason to check out Gold Street Caffé: the food.

2. The Food

Gold Street Caffe

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As you can see on the top of the menu, Gold Street’s slogan: “honest food from scratch.” Nothing is better than fresh, made from scratch brunch food. Each item on the menu is specially crafted; which makes them different than any other dish you will try somewhere else.

For example, Gold Street offers Eggs Benedict, but not just any Eggs Benedict, a Southwest Eggs Benedict. This dish comes with poached eggs on one of their freshly made green chile cheddar biscuits topped with chile encrusted bacon and jalapeño hollandaise sauce. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

3. The Drinks

Gold Street Caffe

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One of the best parts of brunch is the option to have your favorite coffee drink or a fancy cocktail. Gold Street gives you either option.

If you are a coffee lover, you can try one of their specialty lattes, such as the Peanut Butter Latte. This delicious latte comes with house-made peanut butter sauce, two shots of espresso, and steamed milk. Ever thought of combining your love for cookies and coffee? Well if so, the Rio Grande Black Gold is for you; Oreo crumbles, vanilla and almond syrup, two shots of espresso, steamed milk, and topped with whipped cream. If that doesn’t satisfy, I don’t know what will.

If you’re like me and the proud owner of a vertical ID, you may be inclined to try one of Gold Streets cocktails. With five different types of Mimosas you’ll have plenty of options. Some of their flavors include mango, prickly pear, and, of course, orange. If you prefer something with a little more spice, try their Bloody Mary.

If you’re looking for a new brunch spot or just have a need for some yummy brunchies, try Gold Street Caffé. It will not disappoint!