Spring break is only a few weeks away. If you have a sweet tooth like me, pack your bags for a foodie adventure. Ditch the gym, forget your hot bod and take a road trip to California. I've got an OG list of bakeries and cafés mapped out for you: 

1. Creme & Sugar

Located in Anaheim, C.A., Creme & Sugar specializes in desserts that are rainbow inspired. They serve pastel colored milkshakes, hot chocolate, cookies and cakes. Lisa Frank... this one is for you.

2. Honey & Butter

California, you guys got lucky with this one. In Irvine, C.A., Honey & Butter is making next level macarons. They create the classic cookie, as well as, well-known characters from movies and emojis. They stuff them with icing or ice cream. Make sure to check out their milkshakes, too. They have an off the menu pikashake. Yes, a pikachu milkshake.

3. Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream claim to fame is their milky bun. Warm, glazed doughnuts are filled with their artisan, handcrafted ice cream and then topped with toppings of your choice. This ice cream shop is sprinkled throughout California, so you won't have a hard time finding a location.

4. Crumbs Doughnuts

These doughnuts are from another galaxy. They have a flavor to satisfy any sweet tooth; churro, apple pie, lemon tart, fruit loop and so many more. 10/10 would recommend Crumbs Doughnuts in Orange, C.A.

5. Bagels & Brew

Dessert for breakfast is always a good idea. Bagels & Brew is dishing out magic to Lake Forest, C.A. and the surrounding area. Just when you thought their bagels couldn't get any better, they offer cream cheese fillings that are absolutely irresistible. Um yes, I would like Oreo cream cheese filling in my unicorn bagel, please!