I’ve been in a bit of a cookie-craze lately. A chocolate chip cookie here and there has satisfied my craving, but the other day my cookie world was turned up-side-down. I discovered the only macaron I needed for the rest of my life. World, meet Miam Miam Macaronerie. If you have not already heard about this up and coming business, you will be thanking me after you taste one of their macarons.

macarons pink and yellow

Photo by Tami Gabriely

Miam Miam is doing things right in all areas. They only use high-quality ingredients, no fillers found here, and their renowned pastry chef and co-owner, Jennifer Turner, former owner of Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe, currently makes each and every little macaron by hand. Talk about dedication! (Those of you who have tried to make homemade macarons know how tedious they are).


Photo by Tami Gabriely

Nicole Raukhol, Jennifer’s partner in confectionary crime, is the PR and marketing guru behind this business. After sampling tons of macarons (don’t we all wish this was our job?) to perfect their recipe, they officially launched in January 2014. In just over a year, the two have spread their name throughout the greater Boston area.


Photo by Tami Gabriely

On the way to opening their brick and mortar location in South Boston, fans of the unbelievable macaronerie can get their fix by ordering online and either picking up their macarons or having them delivered right to their door. Can anyone say Netflix marathon on the couch?

macarons in half open box

Photo by Tami Gabriely

These macarons provide a, please-give-me-a-moment-while-I-close-my-eyes-and-get-lost-in-every-moment-of-this-bite, kind of experience. The outside had a slightly firm shell and as I gently broke into the exterior, biting down into the soft, gooey, not too sweet cookie, I arrived at the true magnum opus—the fresh buttercream center. The sweet taste of cool butter with a hint of vanilla is luscious and full, and as the filling and the cookie meld together into one, the flavors swirl together into the masterpiece that is a Miam Miam macaron.

Miam Miam is also very accommodating when it comes to personalizing macarons for an event. Spoon University BU recently partnered with them and they made custom macarons with the Spoon logo on them. I know, they’re just too cool.

macarons with spoon logo

Photo by Sarah Wu

Each macaron only costs $2, much less than your typical macaron, and these are the best of the best.

Here are your instructions: go on their website, order your macarons, thank me by sending me some and post a pic of your face overcome by macaron greatness, #MiamMiamMac.

event photo

Photo by Sarah Wu

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