It’s that time of the year: the final, bittersweet stretch of summer when UD college students savor the last, relaxing days of sun and sand as we prepare for the migration back to Newark. Between reuniting with friends and getting settled in our homes for the next few months, we have a lot to do before the school year starts. However, waiting in the long lines to get books at Lieberman’s may not seem as awful anymore, because there is a long-awaited addition to the food world that is just next door. 

Casey Irwin

Here's a Warm Welcome to Mac Mart

From the bright, yellow macaroni-shaped couches, to the “crunch corner,” Mac Mart is the mecca of your favorite childhood cuisine. Aside from the classic mac, this place offers crazy combinations such as macaroni and cheese in between grilled cheese, and macaroni and cheese tacos on Tuesdays!

The owner, Marti Lieberman, started her business as a food truck on Drexel’s campus and soon after opened her first store in Rittenhouse—meaning the Newark location is their second. To check out the whole story, click here.

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Marti and sampling some of the Newark menu. From a delicious take on buffalo chicken dip called, “In the Buff,” to a refreshingly unique pesto mac, there is something for everyone here. Plus, Marti’s signature “crunch,” adds an element to every dish that makes it nearly impossible to put down.

Casey Irwin

Marti didn’t let me leave without sampling two of her own recommendations: “the Cowgirl Cup” and the Newark-exclusive “Bleu Hen.” The spiciness of the jalapeño oil, combined with the creaminess of the ranch and the sweetness of the BBQ sauce took my taste buds for a wild ride with the Cowgirl Cup. This dish has so many flavors that it was impossible to take just one bite.

The “Bleu Hen” also bleu my expectations. As you may have realized from its clever spelling, this mac’s highlight is the addition of bleu cheese, which is the perfect compliment to the crunchy bacon and hearty chicken in the dish. 

To say that I am excited that Mac Mart has officially opened its doors is an understatement. Between the Instagram-friendly aesthetic (pink neon signs…nuff said), the friendly staff, and the irresistible, photogenic mac (a foodie’s dream come true), Mac Mart is the cool, new neighbor in town! So "Get Your Mac On" and stop by for a meal that will truly satisfy your inner child!

Casey Irwin

Side note: Mac Mart will be open as late as 3am from Thursday through Saturday to feed starving college students during the late hours. And if you think it can’t get any better, they will be offering frozé (frozen rosé) and beer!

For more details about its opening, check out below and follow Mac Mart on Instagram (@themacmart)!


· Mac Mart will be offering specials around the holidays, such as "Mac and Feast" and a Mac inspired by green bean casserole. 

· For more on their specials and hours, check out their website.