The Ainsworth is known for its ridiculously amazing Mac and Cheese Burger (you read that right), and they're back at it again with some more cheesy combos. Their new Mac and Cheese Fries are as aesthetically pleasing as the OG burger, but it's definitely like 1,000 times easier to eat. 

Literally I'm drooling looking at this pic, but how the fuck am I gonna eat this. Sorry not sorry for the shade Mac and Cheese Burger, you're a bit too intense for my taste.

But the Mac and Cheese Fries on the other hand, those babies are fried up golden. They're like your classic cheese sticks on steroids, filled with mac and cheese and dipped in fresh marinara sauce for a tasty treat.

I genuinely believe that these fries are perfect for any occasion. They're a great appetizer to split with the squad or a date, and they are 10/10 my ideal drunk eats. So yes, I'm obsessed with them, and I'll be dreaming of these until they are mine. 

Photo courtesy of The Ainsworth.

You can currently only order the Mac and Cheese Fries at The Ainsworth in NYC (Midtown or Chelsea), Hoboken, and Newark, but you can also DIY 'em if you're too lazy to head into the city.